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“Traveling in another country, especially where you don't speak the language, you learn not just about a new culture, but you learn a great deal about yourself and the way you thought you knew everything about the way the world worked.  Trust me, your mind will be blown, but it'll be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life's journey.”    Omar (Istanbul, 2012)

Here is an exciting opportunity to live and work within a foreign culture.  You will gain valuable work experience, meet and get to know friends from all over the world, and add new work skills to your portfolio.

The Turkish Program, formally known as Eurasia, Now! was founded by CIBER, Ross School of Business in 2008.


Pre-departure plan: Mandatory Turkish Mini-Course

Students from all U-M academic units are eligible for the LSA International Internship Program.

You must be a returning U-M student (no seniors may apply) to participate in the Turkey Program.  There is no foreign language requirement as the language of your work environment will be English.  

Interns must be willing to attend work consistently and may be asked to work up to 35 hrs/week.

The Turkey Program has a mandatory one-credit mini-course, in which you will study introductory spoken Turkish and study Turkey's geography and history before you travel abroad.  You will also learn about the important mix of religions in the nation that is rooted in  both the Eastern and Western hemispheres.  

Practical lessons regarding transport and daily tasks such as laundry and banking are also covered.  This class is run out of CMENAS (Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies) MENAS 334.  Class will run Winter 2015:

  • Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, March 14, 21, & 28
  • Location: MLB 2106

The instructor will be Dr. Gottfried Hagen (  Please contact him to be added to the course ONLY ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY PLACED in a position in Turkey for the summer.

Half of the class will be language training, half will be information on culture, history, current trends, politics and daily life in Turkey.

“The two months in Turkey were fantastic. I learned a lot about Turkish business and culture from my internship, and became very good friends with both people in the company and other Michigan students. It is an experience that I will never forget.”
--Mo (Istanbul, 2012)

Timeline for Summer 2016

Application Deadline: December 1st, 2015

Online application form and required supplemental application materials must all be submitted by this date. 

Most placements will be confirmed approximately March 1, 2016. 

Please note: the earlier you apply, the better your chances of being placed.
Most internships take place during May, June and July and last 6-12 weeks.

Internship Placement

Please note: placement in an internship is not guaranteed.  

Once you have applied, your information will be forwarded to the companies in which you have expressed an interest. They will select a few candidates to interview by telephone or Skype and make a hiring decision. 

The best way to make sure you have an internship this summer is to secure one yourself. If you find and complete an internship not traditionally associate with this program, you may still participate in the program as outlined here and still receive credit.   

Many online internship companies  promise all kinds of jobs and ask for a large non-refundable fee. Some of these companies are legitimate, however, most students have been able to locate an internship without paying a third-party company.

Application Process

1.  Application Form: Complete this Online Form

2.  Submit your Unofficial Transcript to the International Internships Office

3.  Submit your CV (in English) to

Transcript and CV must be emailed as a PDF to Subject line of email should read: LastName, Country of Interest, Attachement (ex: Smith, Morocco, Transcript and CV) 

Your Curriculum Vitae (résumé) will be sent to the companies to which you apply. From the CVs companies receive, employers will schedule interviews and hire student(s) who will be a good fit for their company.  Interviews will be conducted by phone or Skype.

Begin looking for other internships as a back-up. Placement by the International Internships Office is not guaranteed.   The best way to 100% sure of working abroad this summer is to secure a position yourself. 

Living Arrangements

Students often live in housing provided by the employers, which is usually free. However, in some instances, students will be required to locate and pay for their own housing. 

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements are your responsibility.

As the relationships between countries change, the laws governing travel between countries change also.  It is 100% your responsibility to research the visa requirements for your stay abroad.

Some questions you will want to consider:

  • What passport do I hold and what relationship does my country have with the country I wish to visit? 
  • Do I need a work visa?  
  • Perhaps if you are volunteering, or not being paid, you may not require a work visa. 
  • Should I enter the destination country as a student or a tourist or a "worker"? 

The answers to these questions and the guidelines of how to obtain a visa, should you need one, can be found at: Warning: the process can be slow and frustrating, so BEGIN EARLY - it always takes longer than you think it will.

Required Health Insurance

The University of Michigan requires all students traveling abroad on UM programs to purchase travel insurance through the University.  

You will need to email the insurance confirmation email you receive to your instructor  ( once you have registered

Failure to purchase this insurance will void your participation in the program. The good news is that it only costs approximately $1.10 a day. You may register at:

UM students traveling abroad on any UM Program are also required to register their travel plans in the Travel Registry before they leave.  This allows UM administrators to know your whereabouts should an emergency arise either at home or abroad. Register here:


It is advisable to begin seeking funding for your trip abroad as soon as you apply for your internship.  

See here for links to possible funding sources.  

NB: The LSA Internship Scholarship Fund can also be awarded for International Internships.


You will probably not be paid for working at the company that provides you with your internships. Some different positions provide housing arrangements, but no stipend or payment. 

The teaching positions in Turkey provide free housing in modern dormitories and a monthly stipend.  

See descriptions for each position for details.