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Internship Positions

Internship Placements

This list includes some examples of internship placements from 2004-2012. Future placements are not restricted to these companies/ organizations nor can placements at these companies/ organizations be guaranteed. Our partner will place you in an internship tailored to your career interests.

Name of Position

If you are applying to a Spanish-speaking internship, please follow these instructions: On the M-Compass Application where you select your top three internship position choices, please write just the name of the country in which you would like to intern.  Specific placements will be made after your in-person interview.


Business/ Economics/ Tourism:

• GrupoVIPS/Starbucks, Madrid • CLI-DEA Investigación, Madrid • Hotel Canyamelpark, Mallorca • Cortefiel, Madrid • Sa Nostra, Mallorca

Engineering/ Computer Science:

• Productos Casado, V alladolid • Akcelware, Madrid • Indra, Madrid • Dominion, Madrid

Non Profit/ NGO/ Governmental Organizations:

• Cruz Roja/Red Cross, Madrid • ACNUR, Spanish Representation of the UN High Commission for Refugees, Madrid • Fundación Social, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid • COSOP – Centro de Orientación Social y Promoción Personal, Madrid • AECC – Asociación Española contra el cancer, Madrid • Eudel- Association of Basque Municipalities, Bilbao

Renewable Energy/ Resources

• ScanEnergy, Madrid


Business/ Economics/Law:

• Atlantic International Trade, Buenos Aires • Macrovisión Consulting, Buenos Aires • Rybnik & Co. S.C., Buenos Aires • Hotel 562 Nogaro, Buenos Aires • Congresos Internacionales, S.A, Buenos Aires • Tiscal, Buenos Aires • Occhi, Buenos Aires • Maria Lizazo, Fashion Design, Buenos Aires • Renata Bonfanti, Interior Design, Buenos Aires • Zenarruza & Zenarruza • Megatech, Inc., Buenos Aires • Motivarte, Buenos Aires


• COINED language schools, Buenos Aires • ECCO, Agencia de publicidad, Buenos Aires • Centro Universitario (Centro Turístico), Buenos Aires • Quebec Travel, Buenos Aires

Engineering/ Computer Science:

• Facultad de Ingeniería de la Ciudad de Córdoba, Córdoba • Croma SRL, Córdoba • Montero, SA, Buenos Aires

Non Profit/ NGO/ Governmental Organizations:

• Agencia Córdoba Deportes, Córdoba • EcoPides, Buenos Aires • Fundación Metáfora, Buenos Aires • Asociación de Políticas Sociales, Buenos Aires • Instituto Social y Politico de la Mujer, Buenos Aires • EduArgentina, Buenos Aires • Secretaría del Ambiente, Educación y conservación ambiental, Córdoba • Ribera Norte Association, Buenos Aires • La Usina Asociación Civil, Buenos Aires • La Municipalidad de Córdoba, Córdoba • Fundación Pro Vivienda Social, Buenos Aires • ProyectARG, Buenos Aires

Fine Arts:

• Cyrano, Buenos Aires • El Cubo Theater, Buenos Aires


Santiago de Chile

Alfa Delta • Aling Ingeniería • Ingeniería Cuatro • Nazer Ingeniería y Construcción • S y S Ingenieros Consultores