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Internship Positions

BabeliUM, Portugal

Name of Position: BabeliUM, Portugal 

Location: Braga, Portugal (3 hours north of Lisbon)

Company: BabeliUM – Language Center / ILCH – Arts and Humanities / Universidade do Minho

Dates of internship: Flexible, May-July

Housing: Residence hall or housing in Braga (BabeliUM secretary can help)

Pay: This position is unpaid, however the employer may provide accommodation in residence halls, meals at UMinho canteen, and payment of up to 100 euros if you do not choose to live in the residence hall.

Responsibilities:  Interns will be working within the scope of the BabeliUM language centre, and therefore will be carrying out activities in the field of multilingual projects. The position involves the usual tasks associated with the organization and implementation of specific language projects.

Interns are expected to help in the development and tuition of specific language-related assignments (English courses to students enrolled in a variety of areas, e.g. Economics or Engineering; levels A2 up to B2).

Optional: interns will also be involved in project management, as well as in the development of some terminological work and specific tasks or research projects in the field of language industry

Organization p/month will be defined by the detailed program of the training period.

Desired skills: 

  • Teaching English as a foreign language.
  • Knowledge about terminological work and translation. 
  • Competence in translating according to the language pairs: English / Spanish / English, for instance.
  • Skills to realize tasks of management.
  • Competence of speaking and writing Portuguese A1+/A2.

Multitecidos, Portugal

Name of Position: Multitecidos Social Media Assistant, Portugal

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Company: Multitecidos

Dates of internship: May 18 - July 10

Housing: Multitecidos will send students helpful and trusted websites to search for housing in Lisbon.

Pay: 350 euros per month


  • Create original content to engage and interact with our audience on owned social platforms. Monitor all channels and respond as needed.
  • Fully manage and initiate strategic and creative planning of social media and digital campaigns and projects in collaboration with the Senior Manager.
  • Act as the advocate of social media integration within the company, bringing new social media options to our overall site and business strategies.
  • Build and cultivate online audience.
  • Provide insights and ongoing metrics.
  • Monitor and comment on trends in social media and application
  • Monitor the competition and be aware of market changes and developments.

Desired skills:

  • Strong project management and organizational skills. Work well under pressure and a team player.
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of social media, analytics and networking platforms.
  • Experience with social media management tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, blogs, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Adobe Suite (particularly Photoshop) and graphic manipulation/design.
  • Interest in interior, furniture, and/or product design a plus.
  • Acceptable majors are: Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Journalism and related fields.


Universidade Lusófona, Portugal

Name of Position: Universidade Lusófona, Portugal

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Company: Universidade Lusófona

Dates of internship: Approximately June 1st - July 26th

Housing: Lusófona University will help in searching for affordable, nearby housing and some complimentary activities might be available for free (i.e. Gym, Portuguese Lessons).

Pay: This position is unpaid.

Responsibilities:  Interns are welcomed into LabPsiCom, a laboratory included in the R&D Research Center Cope Labs (sponsored by the National Funding Agency for Science – FCT), where they will be assigned to a research Project comprehending 3 different dimensions: Psychology, Neurosciences and Videogame development (Serious Games/Virtual Reality with mobile devices). A concise description of each position is available bellow.

Description: LabPsiCom – PSY

The objective of a Psychology internship is to assist in our ongoing research, namely in the clinical setting by supporting the field Clinical Psychologist in the evaluation and cognitive stimulation of patients. It is also expected that the intern will contribute to data collection and paper writing for publication.

Description: LabPsiCom – NEURO

The objective of a Neurosciences internship is to assist in our ongoing research concerning cognitive rehabilitation and assessment, and also in the development and application of an experimental protocol at our experimental laboratory. It is expected that the intern will learn to design an experiment using both psychophysiological and behavioral measures (i.e. ERPs, eye tracking).

Description: LabPsiCom – SG/VR

The objective of a SG/VR internship is to assist in our ongoing research concerning cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation in the clinical population. The intern will be expected to have some knowledge in computer science, namely game development with some programming skills using current programing languages (i.e. Java, C#). Some basic notion of Unity 3D is a plus. The objective is to develop some virtual environments to be used in our clinical studies.

All the work is developed in English but we support any intern who wants to develop his/her level of Portuguese. More information on Team, Publications, Research Focus and Projects can be found at or

If the intern desires to develop some teaching activities, our team will help in the development and implementation of a small summer course during the internship.

UBELONG, Portugal

Name of Position: UBELONG, Portugal

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Company: UBELONG

Dates of internship: May 18 - July 10

Housing: UBELONG can aid with the housing search. Costs per month are generally around 400 Euros.

Pay: This position is unpaid.

Responsibilities: Interns must have participated in a UBELONG internship in the past.

Students with an interest/background in international affairs, entrepreneurship, and marketing would be particularly helpful, however UBELONG is happy to interview any friendly and hardworking applicant.

Interns work across all functions of the organization, including:

  • Operations: Managing the international network of NGOs, logistics people, government contacts, etc.
  • Research: Researching socioeconomic issues in countries UBELONG operates in, identifying networking opportunities, etc.
  • Client service: Dealing with clients, including individuals, universities and corporations
  • Product development: UBELONG is a fast-growing company expanding in many different locations, as well as product areas, for example Volunteer Abroad, Expeditions, and Corporate Service.