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Internship Positions, Poland

Name of position:, Poland

Location: Warsaw, Poland


Dates of internship: Approximately May 15-August 15 (although can be made shorter)

Housing: Not provided, although help finding housing will be provided. (Approximate cost for three months' rent in a downtown studio apartment is $500-700)

Pay: This position is unpaid.

Responsibilities: The internship will take place on the premises of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, in the office of the project, a website promoting Polish culture abroad.

Tasks include:

  • Publishing articles
  • Promoting content from other portals
  • Managing site content

Interns should be passionate about Polish culture and confident about their English writing abilities. Polish language skills are welcome, but not mandatory.

Visit or for more information. Questions can also be emailed to Marysia Ostafin (

Internship applicants are invited to apply for funding from the Weiser Center for Europe & Eurasia. Visit for information.

Warsaw, Poland

Company/Organization: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Location (City, Country): Warsaw, Poland

Intern Position Title(s): Intern in the Department of Education-Youth and Teachers

Dates of Internship: May 2 -July 31 

Possible Housing options: POLIN will assist with housing upon request from the student intern.

Are any languages besides English required? At what level? Polish language skills are desired, but not required. 

Desired professional skills/specialties of the ideal intern: Major or minor in creative/design fields, strong communication and writing skills

Responsibilities of the position(s). 

Youth and Teachers Programs 

  • Proofreading  

  • Assist with workshop design and preparation 

  • Designing materials for use in workshops (i.e. use Shoah Foundation interviews to make videos) 

  • Research materials in English website archives 

  • Research in our own exhibitions 

Adult Programs 

  • POLIN Meeting Point/ Polish-Israeli Youth Exchange  

  • Assist with organizing and planning 

  • Creating documents for the program in English and Polish 

  • Participant and partner communication 

  • Promotion of museum events to expats in Warsaw 

  • Write promotional materials 

  • Help with distribution 

  • Support workshops 

  • Help make English materials to be used in POLIN workshops 

  • If applicant is qualified, they can lead workshops 


Pristina, Kosovo

Name of Company/Organization: FINCA Kosovo

Location (City, Country): Pristina, Kosovo 


Intern Position Title(s): International Internship Student


Dates of Internship: May 2-July 29 

Possible Housing options: FINCA will assist with housing upon student’s request.


Are any languages besides English required? At what level? No


Primary responsibilities of the position(s): The overall goal is for interns to work on projects that are aimed at increasing the value of the organization. The intern will work on the following projects (these are yet to be defined): 

  • Assisting marketing department in designing/conducting and analyzing findings in one of the following studies; 

  • Business Enterprise Study. 

  • Client Satisfaction Study. 

  • Client Exit Study. 

  • Customer Journey Mapping Study. 

  • Assisting Marketing Department or Finance Department in everyday administration duties; 

  • Assisting Finance Department in designing and conducting cashier activity procedure study; 

  • Interviews clients and prepare FINCA Kosovo client stories. Create client book and other necessary marketing collateral; 

  • Create materials (collaterals, brochures, etc.) to share widely with the public and partners


Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Name of Company:  J.W. Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange in the Slovak Republic 

Location (City, Country): Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Intern Position Title(s): Assistant to Executive Director

Dates of Internship: 8 weeks between May-July

Possible Pay or other Compensation (accommodation/meals/transport): Unpaid


Possible Housing options: The employer will assist the student in securing housing upon student’s request.

Desired professional skills/specialties: Interns should have excellent communication  and writing skills, a strong interest in Central Europe, be equipped with IT skills, project management skills, and the ability to work as part of a small team. 


Primary responsibilities of the position(s):

Assist the Executive Director with administrative work tied to the academic programs; 

Assist with updating databases of contacts and grantees; 

Assist with the organization and logistics of the advising center of the Commission; 

Assist in maintaining Commission’s social media platforms 

Assist with statistical reports on academic and financial sources 

Important note: There is no visa requirement for the Slovak Republic.



Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Company/Organization: Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC)

Location (City, Country): Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dates of Internship: PCRC accepts interns year-round. A typical internship last 3-months, but exceptions can be made

Possible Pay or other Compensation (accommodation/meals/transport): Interns are responsible for covering their own day-to-day costs. PCRC typically covers the costs of travel and accommodation for project-related activities outside of Sarajevo. Additionally, PCRC often provides its interns with opportunities to participate in optional field visits to locations outside of Sarajevo. For optional site visits, the intern may be required to cover his/her own accommodation, travel and food costs.

Possible Housing options: Interns are responsible for organizing their own accommodation, but PCRC can provide assistance when necessary.

Are any languages besides English required? At what level? Any second languages are always welcome, but not required.

Primary responsibilities of the position(s):  Multimedia Articles. Interns will be responsible for writing several articles for PCRC’s Balkan Diskurs online platform throughout their internship. Balkan Diskurs ( is a regional multimedia network of writers, bloggers, multimedia artists, and activists who came together in response to the lack of objective, relevant, invigorating, independent regional media.  


Our platform has no restriction on theme, but we are ultimately dedicated to challenging stereotypes and providing viewpoints that cannot be found in other media. As such, some of our regular topics include transitional justice, inequality, and human rights. We aim to present these topics and make our region more understandable for both local and international audiences.  

Sometimes topics are assigned, however, interns are encouraged to propose their own ideas related to their academic and personal backgrounds and interests. We work with our interns to set up interviews and help guide them during the publishing process.  

BalkanThemes. BalkanThemes is a publication started by PCRC interns as part of the Balkan Diskurs platform. It aims to give academia, cultural and international communities up-to-date information on various topics that affect all states in the former Yugoslavia and the Greater Balkans region. Previous themes include Roma rights, the status of the LGBT community, missing persons and human trafficking. Typically, each person is assigned one or two of the former Yugoslav countries to write about current events and provide a background related to the chosen theme. In addition, each issue will include in-depth articles that give readers a focused perspective on about a particular country, organization or individual.  

Meetings and Seminars. PCRC will organize meetings and seminars, which are relevant to PCRC and/or your research. One person will be designated during meetings to write a brief summary for social media. If you have any requests regarding interviews with specific institutions or experts on a certain topic, PCRC’s directors and staff will help facilitate this. We also recommend conducting background research about the organizations you will be meeting with and come up with questions to ask before any site visit.  

Other Projects or Events. Event planning, interview transcription, grant writing, and other tasks are often delegated throughout the internship. Sometimes individual tasks are assigned and sometimes tasks are a team effort. We ask that our interns keep an open mind and remain flexible!


Required Skills: Strong writing skills, research experience, and creativity.  


Desirable Skills: Photography, filmmaking, grant writing, IT, website management, graphic design, editing, project development, translation, transcription, fundraising, and social media management.  


Additional notes: The PCRC internship is designed to allow our interns to explore their unique interests while creatively contributing to our overall mission. We are looking for motivated and passionate people who can bring positive energy to the PCRC team.


Zagreb, Croatia

Name of Company: GONG

Location (City, Country): Zagreb, Croatia 

Intern Position Title(s): Assistants to the Education Centre Coordinator

Dates of Internship: May 2-June 11

Possible Housing options: GONG will assist with housing upon request from the student intern

Are any languages besides English required? At what level? Basic knowledge of Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian is preferred

Desired professional skills/specialties: Seeking highly motivated and active intern with an interest in human rights legislation, EU institutions and legal framework, and civil engagement. Communication skills including social media, knowledge of photo editing programs, and basic knowledge of Croatian/Serbian or similar language would be very useful

Primary responsibilities of the position(s): 


  • Editing the content of GONG webpage in English and assist in writing content for the page 

  • Assist with organization of and logistics for public events and educational outreach activities, and coordinate follow-up activities 

  • Develop educational materials and visuals based on compiled data for social media and web presence 


Research and Analysis 

  • Conduct research educational activities related to civil, cultural and health rights (while comparing Croatia with other EU member states) 

  • Evaluation of education program 

  • Research and analyze European public policies related to GONG’s work, primarily access to information, transparency, reducing corruption, good governance, civic engagement and protection of civic and political rights, and how they relate to Croatian policies 


Partner/Client Contacts 

  • 6 to 12 hours a week participate in the activities and work with GONG partner organizations related to human rights (as a part of the Platforma 112 initiative GONG takes part in collaborative activities that serve to protect and promote human rights)



Operations & Programs Assistant, INCroatia

Name of Position: Operations & Programs Assistant, INCroatia

Location: Opatija, Croatia

Date of Internship, 6/07 – 7/31, approximately

Housing: INCroatia will assist in locating and partly funding student’s housing in Rijeka/Opatija

Payment: This position is unpaid

Benefits: Participating in top-notch excursions and activities free of charge.  

An ideal seaside vacation location to be enjoyed when not working.

Mentorship – You’ll be working closely with us as we grow our brand and marketing efforts. In doing so, you’ll get to learn about the nuts and bolts of a profitable growing business and have access to all the resources that come along with that.


For more information, check out this document!! 

U.S. Fulbright Commision: Warsaw, Poland


Organization:  Polish – U.S. Fulbright Commission

Location: Warsaw, The Republic of Poland

Number of Positions:  2

Intern Position Title: Assistant to Programs Officers&EdUSA Manager

Dates of Internship: 8 weeks between June – July – 2016

Compensation: Unpaid.

Housing: The employer will assist the student in securing housing upon student’s request.

Primary responsibilities of the positions:

  • Assist the Programs Officers&EdUSA Manager with administrative work tied to the academic programs;

Assist with updating databases of contacts and grantees;

  • Assist with the organization and logistics of the advising center of the Commission;

Assist in maintaining Commission’s social media platforms

Assist with statistical reports on academic and financial sources

Occasionally present on the US education system

Important note: There is no visa requirement for the Republic of Poland

Are any languages besides English required? No

Do you have any requirements concerning citizenship? No, unless there will be visa requirement based on the citizenship

Desired professional skills/specialties of the ideal intern: Interns should have excellent communication,  writing skills, MS Office skills, a strong interest in Central Europe,  be equipped with IT skills, knowledge of U.S. high schools and universities, project management skills, the ability to work as part of a small team.