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The internship positions we offer in Japan are made available to Michigan students through contacts from generous and supportive U-M alumni. Be sure to check back as we update internship positions!


Interns are expected to pay their own airfare. However, accommodation, transportation, and commuting between company and apartment will be paid by the company.  Interns will also receive an hourly pay of Yen 900 (8 hours a day, 5 days per week).

Health Insurance

All U-M students traveling abroad in a U-M-affiliated program are required to purchase HTH Heath Insurance which cost $1.10/day.  You may register at:  You will also register your travel details and contact information through MCompass.

How to Apply

Applicants interested in these internships will apply using the same application steps as other International Internships Programs. 

All applicants must apply through M-Compass. Please check the Program Application page for more information.