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For internships in Cambodia, you can choose to apply with the non-profit placement agency, UBELONG, or one of our internships with trusted local partners. Please read below for details on individual positions available.

UBELONG: Phnom Penh

Program Overview

For internships in Phnom Penh, we are partnering with our trusted non-profit placement agency, UBELONG.  This partner will help you choose your specific placement.  They will meet you at the airport, take you through a thorough orientation session and take you to your family homestay.  They will also accompany you to the first day of your internship placement.

Living Arrangements

UBELONG will connect you with a trusted host family.  This family will provide two meals per day for you.


For a six-week experience, the cost (which includes a homestay and two meals per day) is approximately $1,000. This does not include airfare. The final program costs will be payable to UBELONG, not the University of Michigan.

DK Schoolhouse: Phnom Penh

Company: DK Schoolhouse

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Number of Positions: 3

Dates of Internships: Flexible, with a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 6 months.

Compensation: Unpaid; intern is provided daily lunch.

Housing: Intern may be offered lodging at DK Schoolhouse's director's house, which is within walking distance of the school (to be determined after selection process), or intern will be offered assistance in sourcing low-cost accommodations in close proximity to the school.

Language Requirements: English speaker. Basic Khmer speaking skills encouraged but not required.

Position Title: Teaching Assistant Office Assistant
Position Description: The Teaching Assistant will assist in teaching and general responsibilities for an assigned class of children, instruct the set curriculum, maintain excellent relationships with parents and student body, and contribute to the overall improvement of the school community. The Office Assistant will provide general office support to the DK Schoolhouse staff, students, and parents.
Position Qualifications:(these qualifications are ideal but not mandatory) Practical skills in working with young children (aged 2-10), familiarity with small and large group activities, and familiarity with basic kindergarten routines and daily activities. Same as for Teaching Assistant, plus skill in using Microsoft Excel and Adobe Photoshop.

Additional Information: Intern will be offered assistance with visa process and finding reliable transportation.