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Mission, Vision, and Commitment


Through a top-ranked liberal arts education outfitted by a uniquely robust and spirited
research university, LSA prepares students with pragmatic, durable skills that hold their value for a lifetime.



Our commitment to academic excellence starts with recruiting and retaining world-class faculty across the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences so that our students are engaged with a modern curriculum taught by leading experts in their fields. It extends to stress a collaborative approach where all of our tenure-track faculty teach undergraduates, and where students and faculty contribute original knowledge within and across disciplines. We take pride in the fact that 35 percent of LSA faculty have appointments in others schools and colleges—broadening students’ perspectives and enhancing their understanding of classroom concepts. 


One of our highest priorities is to see that top students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, from under-resourced high schools, from underrepresented minority groups, and from small rural districts have the same opportunities to come to LSA and succeed as those who come from high schools that offer AP classes, fully stocked science labs, and class trips abroad. But access doesn’t stop at admission; it continues in academic and non-academic support for all current students so that they may reach their full potential. Every LSA student has the capability to graduate and to thrive—we have the responsibility to provide the tools necessary for them to do so.


All of our students are different. They come from different high schools, different academic experiences, different families, and different communities. We know that this diversity is essential for one of the world’s leading liberal arts colleges to produce ideas and graduates that will make an impact in today’s increasingly connected global community. At LSA, we seek not only to reflect society, but also to serve as a model of how bringing people from a range of backgrounds together to do important work can make a vital difference.


We are committed to helping students succeed academically and professionally, and to allowing them to leverage the full scope of their LSA education both during their time here and beyond. We encourage every one of our students to enhance their liberal arts experience by engaging in research, study abroad, or internships—and we hope that they are able to do all three. It is our goal to provide essential opportunities for students to demonstrate to themselves and others the power and flexibility of their liberal arts degree. When classroom learning meets the broader world, students gain knowledge, skills, and understanding of the complexities of culture and the marketplace.

Statement of Commitment

We are committed to a campus environment where all students, faculty, and staff feel welcomed and valued, and where all are able to take full advantage of the resources and opportunities that make LSA the premier public liberal arts institution in the nation.