The Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies will present six lectures, five workshops, two symposia and one Eisenberg Forum in the fall 2015 term. Unless noted, events take place in 1014 Tisch Hall; programs are free and open to the public. The term poster is available as a PDF.


September 10 (4 pm), Raymond Van Dam
Professor of History, University of Michigan
Lecture: “Big Cities, Food, and Migration in the Later Roman Empire: A Simple Model”

September 11 (12 pm), Symposium: “Senses and Longings: An Introduction”
Panelists: Martha S. Jones, Helmut Puff, Hitomi Tonomura, Howard Brick (chair)

October 1 (4 pm), Carol Symes
Associate Professor of History, Theatre, and Medieval Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lecture: “The ‘Desire of Deeds’: Sensuality, Nostalgia, and the Affective Effects of Medieval Documentation”

October 2 (12 pm), Graduate Student Workshop
Panelists: Carol Symes, Scott De Orio, Pascal Massinon, Emily Price, Paolo Squatriti (chair)

October 15 (4 pm), Paulina L. Alberto
Associate Professor of History and of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Michigan
Lecture: “Lives and Afterlives of ‘El Negro Raúl’: Racial Stories in Twentieth-Century Argentina

October 16 (12 pm), Symposium: “Your Dissertation’s Future (and What It Means for Writing Your Dissertation Now)”
Panelists: Deirdre de la Cruz, Jonathan McLaughlin, Alexa L. Pearce, Charles Watkinson, Nora Krinitsky (chair)

October 21 (5:30 pm), Undergraduate Career Workshop: “Putting History to Work”
Panelists forthcoming.

October 29 (4 pm), Venkat Dhulipala
Associate Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Lecture: “Longing for a New Medina: State Power, Islam, and the Struggle for Pakistan in Late Colonial North India”

October 30 (12 pm), Graduate Student Workshop
Panelists: Venkat Dhulipala, Sarah Garibova, Leslie Hempson, Hillina Seife, Kali Israel (chair)

November 9 (9:45 am-5:45 pm), “Secularization as Historical Process”
An Eisenberg Forum / Frankel Institute Symposium
Note: This event takes place at Rackham Assembly Hall.


November 19 (4 pm), Martha A. Sandweiss
Professor of History, Princeton University
Lecture: “Thinking with a Photograph: Alexander Gardner at Fort Laramie, 1868”

Novmeber 20 (12 pm), Graduate Student Workshop
Panelists: Martha A. Sandweiss, Morgan Carlton, Nora Krinitsky, Amanda Reid, Michael Witgen (chair)

December 3 (4 pm), Patricia Hayes
Professor of History, University of the Western Cape
Lecture: “Exit Hamlet: Betrayal and Portrayal in Colonial Namibia and the Cape, 1929-1960”

December 4 (12 pm), Graduate Student Workshop
Panelists: Patricia Hayes, Sarah Mass, Rashun Miles, Nana Quarshie, Nancy Rose Hunt (chair)



The Institute’s winter 2016 schedule will be announced in coming weeks.