The Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies is proud to announce its internal guests for the 2013-14 Thursday Speakers Series. All are members of the University of Michigan Department of History, nominated by fellow faculty and selected by the Institute's Steering Committee. Internal guests include:

September 12, 2013: Paolo Squatriti, Associate Professor, History / Romance Languages, University of Michigan

November 7, 2013: Deirdre de la Cruz, Assistant Professor, History / Asian Languages & Cultures, University of Michigan

January 30, 2014: Nancy Hunt, Professor, History / Afro-American and African Studies / Obstetrics/Gynecology, University of Michigan 

April 10, 2014: Kathryn Babayan, Associate Professor, History / Near Eastern Studies / Armenian Studies; Director, Armenian Studies Program; University of Michigan

Lecture titles and abstracts are forthcoming. The Institute will announce its external guests for next year's Thursday Speakers Series in coming weeks. External guests have been nominated and selected based on their ability to address the 2013-15 theme, "Materals of History." The list includes scholars with a broad range of chronological, geographic, and disciplinary interests, ranging from Egyptian papyri to the contemporary American southwest.

From left to right: Deirdre de la Cruz, Nancy Hunt, Paolo Squatriti, Kathryn Babayan.