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Three cheers for GREEBs volunteers!

“We've been coming up with new initiatives and opportunities for graduate students to receive support, both from each other and the department more generally." ~ Jill Myers, GREEBs president

- Gail Kuhnlein

Category: Graduate

Tags: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Beatriz Otero Jimenez; Lisa Walsh; Marian Schmidt; Gordon Fitch; Jillian Myers; Joanna Larson; Kristel Sanchez; Michelle Fearon; Andrew Wood; Peter Cerda; Jacqueline Popma; Teal Harrison; Kevin Amses; Stephanie Alcala; Tamara Milton; Wesley Bickford; Xinzhu Wei; Drew Larson; Haiqing Xu; Mariah Kenney; Zachary Hajian-Forooshani

Not just for the birds: possibilities abound for EEB and sociology undergraduate

“I think it's dangerous to never think critically about our behaviors without understanding how those actions have consequences for others. I'm proud of how much I've learned in this past year, and I know I have a lot more to understand.” ~ Jessica Yan

- Gail Kuhnlein

Tags: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Ben Winger

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