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Other U-M funding sources

The Office of Financial Aid (OFA)

Offers a number of resources for graduate students.



Graham Sustainability Institute - Dow Sustainability Fellows

This innovative program is a university-wide effort supporting 75 outstanding fellows per year at the masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral levels. The program is administered by the Graham Institute on behalf of the U-M Provost.

Sweetland Summer Dissertation Writing Institute

The Dissertation Writing Institute is for graduate students whose research is complete or nearly complete, who have conceptualized the principal elements of the dissertation, and who have already begun to write the dissertation. Participants attend the Institute for at least six hours each day during the eight weeks of the Spring term. Students participate in group discussions, where they share their writing and receive feedback. They also receive individual writing consultations with a Sweetland faculty member. Participants may not hold another position during the eight-week period of the Institute and must work full time on their dissertations, receiving a stipend of $3,000. Department nominations are due at the end of January.