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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

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Science and art collide brilliantly in class: Making Science Visible

“It is one of the most successful and well-enrolled classes at our school because of the expression of interest and support, and the knowledge offered to the students by the UMMZ staff.” ~ Professor Brad Smith

FEMMES keeps STEM sparks alive in young girls

“My favorite part is witnessing the girls having ‘ah-ha!’ and ‘wow!’ moments with uninhibited enthusiasm. It's great to be reminded once a semester by 9-11 year olds how cool it is to be a researcher.” ~ Marian Schmidt


Reforesting US topsoils store massive amounts of carbon, with potential for much more

Forests across the United States – and especially forest soils – store massive amounts of carbon, offsetting about 10 percent of the country's annual greenhouse gas emissions and helping to mitigate climate change.

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