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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

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ECSS 2018: Ecology and Evolution of Color: an exciting, emerging frontier in integrative biology

”Early career scientists often get fewer invitations than established scientists, but are doing some of the most exciting cutting-edge work.” ~Elizabeth Tibbetts

Three cheers for GREEBs volunteers!

“We've been coming up with new initiatives and opportunities for graduate students to receive support, both from each other and the department more generally." ~ Jill Myers, GREEBs president


Dissecting the changing “fitness landscape” across environments helps decode evolution

Organisms live in frequently changing environments, which affect their evolution. For instance, pathogens respond and evolve differently in different drug environments. Finding general rules governing the environmental impacts of mutations is thus important for understanding and predicting evolution.

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We strive to support our students and faculty on the frontlines of learning and research; to steward our planet, our community, our campus. To do this, EEB needs you—because the world needs Victors.