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Ticket Information

Tickets are required for the Commencement Ceremony

Graduates and their guests must each have a ticket to attend the event which must be reserved in advance. Each graduate is guaranteed* three (3) tickets for the ceremony: one for the graduate themself and two for guests. Please see below for information about eligibility, reserving tickets, requesting additional tickets & the ticket waitlist, and ticket pick-up & release. 

*provided they meet the eligibility requirements outlined below

Commencement Ceremony Eligibility

Commencement Ceremony Eligibility

Students who are graduating either that April/May, will be graduating in the following August, or have graduated the previous December are eligible to attend the Economics Commencement Ceremony in the spring provided they have both (1) applied for graduation and (2) reserved tickets by the deadlines given. Deadlines for both requirements will be made explicit in email communications sent to students from the Auditor's Office and our Undergraduate Program Coordinator; please note the prior is also the deadline to be included in the University's Commencement Bulletin

It is the student's responisbility to read these email communications thoroughly for deadlines and instructions. Unfortunately, due to limited seating at the venue, we are unable to accommodate students who do not abide by the deadlines and instructions given.

Completion of both the application for graduation and the ticket RSVP form by the deadline will guarantee the graduate up to three (3) tickets: one for the graduate and two for guests. 

Applying for Graduation

Once you have completed 90 credits, you should begin the process of applying for graduation. This will help ensure you receive your official audit before registration for your final term which will aid in course planning and meeting any last-minute requirements.

Log into your Student Center on Wolverine Access, go to the Other Academic drop-down menu, and select "Apply to Graduate." There are three graduation periods per academic year: Fall, Winter, and Summer; there is not a separate Spring graduation period. You should apply for the term in which you will be completing all of your requirements.

Once you have applied to graduate, you must obtain what is called a "release" from your major(s), minor(s), and any supplemental studies plan that you have declared. A release is an electronic form completed by your department advisors, that specifies the remaining requirements for your majors and minors. To get a release, please make an appointment with the department advisor for every major, minor and supplemental studies plan that you have declared. You can find information about seeing an advisor to get your Economics release here (note: some departments will provide releases through email, however the Department of Economics does require an in-person meeting either via an advising appointment or during walk-in office hours on MTh 2-3pm in 238 Lorch, please review other department's websites for their specific policies).

After you have applied and all releases have been submitted, the Auditor's Office will email an "official audit" to you within a few weeks. The information in the official audit is used to evaluate you for graduation, so you will need to communicate any subsequent changes, (e.g. switching your degree from a BS to a BA, dropping a minor, changing your graduation date) to the LSA Auditing Office directly immediately.

More information about applying for graduation can be found on the Newnan Academic Advising Center's Website.

Students who do not apply for graduation by the deadline provided by communications from the Economics Department will be ineligible to attend the Economics Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony.

Reserving Tickets

Reserving Tickets

Anticipated graduates will begin receiving emails about the Economics Undergraduate Commencement in the October before the event. Registration for tickets generally opens to students after Spring Break. Students are expected to pay close attention to email communication from the Economics Department regarding Commencement for information about when the ticket reservation process will start, where to go (links will be provided via email), and deadlines for signing up. 

The registration form permits students to reserve up to 3 tickets which are guaranteed*. 

Please trust we make every effort to host the event at venues that can best meet our attendance expectations, but unfortunately due to the size of our department and the seating limitations inherant to venues across campus, we are only able to guarantee up to 3 tickets per eligible graduate. Beyond these three guaranteed tickets, the form also allows students to join a waitlist for additional tickets. Please see below for information about requesting additional tickets and the ticket waitlist.

Please note family and friends of graduates cannot reserve tickets either for themselves or their student(s). It is the responsibility of the student to apply for graduation and complete the registration form accurately in order to remain eligible for the ceremony and receive tickets to attend. 

*one for the student and two for guests, provided the student applies for graduation and completes the ticket RSVP form in time.  

After completing the reservation form, students should receive an automated email confirming their responses from Google Forms. If this is not received, please check your spam folder and then try submitting the form again. If you are unable to submit another response in the form, or if you submitted one but still do not receive a confirmation email after 30 minutes (remember to check your spam folder!), please notify the department as soon as possible. Note: We may not be able to do anything if we are notified after the form closes so please try to register early and be on the lookout for this confirmation email.


Requesting Additional Tickets & The Ticket Waitlist

Requesting Additional Tickets & The Ticket Waitlist

Please note tickets to the event are limited by venue capacity. While staff make every effort to reserve venues that best meet our expected attendance demands, due to the size of our department and the seating limitations inherent to venues across campus, we can only guarantee up to 3 tickets per eligible graduate. Eligible graduates who would like to request additional tickets beyond the guaranteed three tickets (where one is for the graduate and the remaining two are for guests) may do so in the RSVP form.

Requests for additional tickets will go to a ticket waitlist. After the three tickets guaranteed to each eligible graduate are alloted, the pool of tickets remaining will be distributed in pairs in chronological order down the waitlist. Pending availability, we will go down the waitlist a second or third time to distribute any remaining tickets in one-ticket increments. 

Historically, distribution of tickets to those on the ticket waitlist has been irregular at best. We have often been able to distribute at least 2 tickets down the waitlist, but at times we have been unable to complete even one pass through the waitlist due to larger-than-average graduating cohorts. Generally graduates do not receive more than five (5) total tickets including those three that are guaranteed (including one for the graduate themself). Please be considerate of your fellow graduates and their guests by only requesting the tickets that you actually need.

Please do not count on receiving additional tickets before your student has been notified of their allotment. Our staff is aware of how important this ceremony is to students and their loved ones and make every effort to accommodate ticket waitlist requests, however we are constrained by venue capacity set by Fire Code and the Fire Marshall. We apologize in advance for those inevitable times we will be unable to accommodate ticket requests. 

Please also note that tickets will be distributed through the waitlist up to the day before the Commencement Ceremony. The graduate will be able to see where they are on the waitlist at any given time. Unfortunately staff are unable to give specific information about waitlist position or their RSVP responses to family/friends of graduates due to FERPA. Please discuss the form and waitlist with your respective student.  

Ticket Pick-Up & Release

Ticket Pick-Up & Release

After tickets have been appropriated, eligible graduates will be notified via email by the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. At this time, students will learn how many tickets have been allotted to them and the deadline for picking the tickets up.

Tickets can be retrieved from the Department of Economics' main office in 238 Lorch Hall (611 Tappan Ave.) before the deadline provided in the email described above. Graduates will need their M-Cards to claim their tickets and must sign for the tickets.

Graduates who find they no longer need all of their tickets, or can no longer attend the ceremony, are encouraged to return them to the department for redistribution to the waitlist as there is always a want for them.

Graduates who are abroad, no longer living in Ann Arbor, or are otherwise unable to pickup their tickets themselves can contact Olga Mustata ( to make arrangements for their tickets before the pickup deadline. 

Due to the high demand of tickets, any tickets remaining unclaimed after the pick-up deadline will be considered abandoned and will be redistributed to those on the waitlist. Graduates must pick up their tickets (or make alternative arrangements with the Undergraduate Program Coordinator) prior to the pick-up deadline otherwise they will lose their tickets.

Term-Specific Deadlines & Dates: W19 Commencement on 4/3/19

NOTE: Dates and deadlines listed below are specific to the 2019 Economics Commencement Ceremony which was held on May 3rd, 2019. Deadlines specific to the 2020 are still being determined. 

Important Dates & Deadlines:




March 10

By 5pm

Deadline for applying for Graduation. Students who do not apply for graduation by this date will not be eligible to participate in the Economics Commencement Ceremony on May 3rd, 2019!

See "Commencement Ceremony Eligibility" above for more information about who is eligible to attend the W19 Economics Commencement Ceremony.

March 13

By 5pm

The link* to the ticket RSVP form will be sent by email to anticipated graduates. If you do not receive an email but are planning to participate in this commencement ceremony, please contact Olga Mustata ( ASAP.

*Note: the link does not go live until the following day (see below).

See "Commencement Ceremony Eligibility" above for more information about who is eligible to attend the W19 Economics Commencement Ceremony.

March 14


The RSVP form will go live; graduates may submit requests for tickets and make changes to their requests at this time.

See "Reserving Tickets" and "Requesting Additional Tickets & The Ticket Waitlist" above for more information about the ticket reservation and Waitlist processes.

March 25


The end of the ticket registration. After this date, students will no longer be able to make changes or add their name to the list. Students will still have viewing access.

April 2 - April 10


Notifications will be made about allocations of waitlisted tickets. 

See "Requesting Additional Tickets & The Ticket Waitlist" above for more information about the wailist process for extra tickets. 

April 11


The start of the ticket pick-up period. Students can come to the main Economics office (238 Lorch, open M-F 8-5pm) with their MCards to retrieve their tickets. 

See "Ticket Pick-Up & Release" above for more information about picking up tickets.

April 26


After this date & time, students will no longer be able to pick up tickets. Unretrieved tickets will be considered abandoned and will be distributed to the students on the waitlist.

See "Ticket Pick-Up & Release" above for more information about the release process. 

May 3


Graduation ceremony. Doors open at 7:30pm. There are no assigned seats, so please tell your guests to come early for the best seats.

See the main Commencement page or the FAQ page for more information about the ceremony itself, appropriate graduate attire, etc.