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Awards & Scholarships

Department of Economics Prizes & Scholarships

The Sims Honor Scholarship in Economics

The award is presented at the end of each academic year to a student concentrating in economics who, upon completion of the junior year, is deemed by the Department of Economics to be the most outstanding and promising student in this field.

Ernest Sims graduated from Michigan in 1906. The Sims Honor Scholarship in Economics was established in 1949 as a result of a generous gift of Ernest M. and Natalie C. Sims in the interest of stimulating intellectual rivalry and high-quality achievement.

The Harold D. Osterweil Memorial Prize

The fund is to be used to establish a scholarship, or a loan fund, or an annual prize in Economics at the University of Michigan. It is given to a senior in economics with the most outstanding academic record and the greatest social awareness.

Lieutenant Harold D. Osterweil of Long Beach was killed in action in France on July 31, 1944. As a student at the University of Michigan, Harold won the whole-hearted admiration and friendship of both faculty and students not only for his brillian scholarship, but also for his high sense of responsibility as a citizen. He had one year at the Harvard Law School and stood first in his class. Everyone who knew Harold felt that had he lived, he would have had a most distinguished career of public service.

A committee of his friends consisting of faculty members and former students of the University of Michigan, and citizens of Long Beach established the Osterweil Memorial Fund.

The Ferrando Honors Prize

This prize is awarded annually to the best graduating honors student in economics.

Jonathan P. Ferrando, AB ’88 econ, went on to graduate from Harvard Law School, before pursuing a career in business. 

The John E. Parker Memorial Prize

The Parker Prize was created to honor an outstanding written contribution to labor economics or to the field of human resources.

This prize was established in the memory of John Parker who was a professor economics at Michigan from 1963-1967.

The Jay Bernstein London School of Economics (LSE) Scholarship

The LSE scholarship is awarded to an Economics major to support their General Course study at the London School of Economics & Political Science

More information about the scholarship, eligibility, and how to apply can be found on the CGIS List of Study Abroad Scholarships under "Scholarships from CGIS Partners." 

LSA Scholarships

The Nancy Bausch Thomas Scholarship

A scholarship for students who are majoring in economics.

The Nancy Bausch Thomas Scholarship Fund was established in 2004 through a gift from Nancy Bausch Thomas.

To find out more about this award, you can search LSA's website. Deadlines for LSA Scholarships are at the end of May.

The Gary J. Dorman Scholarship

Gary Jay Dorman graduated from the University of Michigan in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction High Honors in Economics. Later, he was invited to be a charter member of the Department of Economics alumni advisory board and the Economics Leadership Council, providing advice, support, and encouragement to the Department that he loved and served so enthusiastically. To honor his memory and continue his legacy of service, the Gary J. Dorman Memorial Endowment has been established by his family in the Department of Economics at the University of Michigan.

This merit-based scholarship is awarded to a full-time undergraduate student who has delcared a concentration in the Department of Economics. The award is renewable for each year of undergraduate edication. 

To find out more about this award, you can search LSA's website. Deadlines for LSA Scholarships are at the end of May.

The Diane C. Swonk Scholarship Fund

This fund provides scholarship assistance for a student majoring in economics.

It was established through a gift from Diane C. Swonk, AB ’84 econ; AM ’85 applied econ.

To find out more about this award, you can search LSA's website. Deadlines for LSA Scholarships are at the end of May.