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2014 MITRE Poster Symposium

"Twentieth Century Vital Statistics" with student researchers Ping Han and Linda Sun supervised by Professor Martha Bailey

"Impact of Public Health Initiatives" with student researchers Joe Bombach and Craig Van Alsten supervised by Professor Martha Bailey

"The Dynamics of Happiness: Evidence from Daily Panel Data" with student researcher Yichuan Wang supervised by Professor Miles Kimball

"Improving the American Economic History of Wikipedia" with student researcher John Stoehr supervised by Professor Paul Rhode

"Consumption Behaviors of Heterosexual and Homosexual Households" with student researcher Zhaoyu Chen supervised by Lecturer Adam Stevenson

"Using a Natural Experiment to Test the HOV Theory" with student researcher Jialin Liu and Vamika Bajaj supervised by Lecturer Assaf Zimring

"Are High Drug Prices Truly Required to Spur Innovation in the Industry?" With student researcher Jason van den Boogaart supervised by Professor Jim Adams