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Career Opportunities

The Earth and Environmental Sciences degree prepares our students for highly adaptable and versatile careers in the energy, mining, and environmental consulting industries, as well as for employment in academia and government.

Career Guide for Earth and Environmental Sciences

U of M Career Resources

U-M Career Center Blog and Website

The Career Center is a great campus resource for jobs and internships.

LSA Opportunity Hub

Sharpen your practical skills, build your network, and advance your education through real-world experiences by participating in internships. Whether it’s working at a Fortune 500 company or volunteering in a local community, internships are an opportunity for both personal and professional growth. The LSA Opportunity Network is a database of internships that all 17,000+ LSA students can easily view and apply for.

Earth and Environmental Sciences Careers

Many career paths are possible with a degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Some of our former students have pursued careers in business, law, and medicine. There are a number organizations to help graduates pursue any of the more common careers in the Earth and Environmental Sciences. The following list of web sites is designed to be merely a starting point, for information, and are not endorsed by the Department.

GeoCorps America Opportunities, Guest Scientist Opportunities, and GeoCorps Diversity Opportunities

Education and Careers at the Geological Society of America

GeoCorp America summer internships with the National Park Service

American Geosciences Institute

Geoscience Workforce Data at the American Geosciences Institute

American Geophysical Union (must be a member to use their job listings)

American Institute of Professional Geologists

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Earthworks portal of job and career opportunities for geoscientists.

Career opportunities at EarthSoft.

Internships & Careers in Oil Companies

Some of these companies recruit in the Department annually during September and October, although most do not interview undergraduates. Schlumberger does recruit seniors and Masters students, however.

Other energy companies that have not recruited in the Department:

Husky Energy

Job Placement Companies

The job placement companies listed below are provided for information only:
CSI Recruiting, oil and gas experts
GeoTemps, Inc.
Mining, Oil and Gas Jobs, an international job board that features 100s of industry related position worldwide