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Faculty Advisors

The faculty advisors for Earth and Environmental Sciences undergraduates are Professor Kacey Lohmann, Professor Adam Simon, and Professor Greg Dick, Associate Chair for Curriculum.

Students are encouraged to work with the same advisor throughout their career. New advising appointments can be set up with any of the three advisors listed below. Their subdisciplines are listed below. Students interested in any of these subdisciplines are strongly encouraged to meet with that specific advisor.

  • Prof. Greg Dick, 2014 C.C. Little Bldg. (environmental biogeochemistry, geochemistry, geomicrobiology, oceanography)
  • Prof. Adam Simon, 4506 C.C. Little Bldg. (economic geology, experimental petrology, geochemistry)
  • Prof. Kacey Lohmann, 1014 C.C. Little Bldg. (geochemistry, geology, sedimentology)

Students with transfer issues or seeking information on study abroad should contact Professor Greg Dick.

Advising Appointments

During Fall and Winter, students should use the LSA Advising Appointment System to make an appointment: Click on this link to make an appointment in the LSA Advising Appointment System. During the Spring and Summer half-terms, students should email Professor Greg Dick for an advising appointment.

Major or Minor Release for Senior Audit

Students seeking minor or major releases should first email their advisor. Most releases do not require an office visit and can be done by email.

LSA Advising Office

Click on the link above for the LSA advisors.

LSA Honors Program

Questions? Contact the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department Office.