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Student Awards

The following awards are presented to students at the annual Dorr Dinner which takes place in Winter term of each academic year.


Graduate Student Awards


Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

Recent Recipients: 2013 Ethan Hyland, Sae Yun Kwon; 2014 Carli Arendt; 2015 Petr Yakovlev; 2016 Samantha Nemkin, Ian Winkelstern; 2017 Erin Lynch, Will Bender, Joseph El Adli

To be given to a Graduate Student Instructor who has taught two or more classes before January 31 of the year of the award. The recipient is nominated for the Rackham Graduate School Outstanding GSI Award.


John Dorr Graduate Academic Achievement Award

Recent Recipients: Laura Sherman; 2014 Jennifer Cotton; 2015 Karthik Anantharaman, Ethan Hyland; 2016 Sae Yun Kwon; 2017 Timothy Gallagher, Richard Fiorella

Department-wide award to a graduate student who defended or will defend his/her PhD dissertation between January 31 of the year before and January 31 of the year of the award ceremony.