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GeoClub is a student-run organization that welcomes both undergrads and graduate students. An active student organization for over 40 years, it provides a forum for students with a strong interest in geosciences and the environment who want to learn more about this exciting field. 

GeoClub's monthly meetings during the academic term are a forum for students to discuss issues related to their studies, share outreach opportunities and experiences, and chat about all things geology - and they include free dinner! Students in GeoClub coordinate educational camping trips and are responsible for planning several yearly departmental social functions where students and faculty can meet in an informal setting. Highlights of our year include the Spring Banquet and Fall Picnic.


GeoClub Officers for 2018-19:

Co-Presidents: Bekah Stein and Nikolas Midttun

Secretary of the Treasury: Prithvi Thakur

Secretary of Outreach: Becca Dzombak

Secretary of Records: Jamie Lackner

Undergraduate representative: Sophie Lin

Graduate student representatives: William Medwedeff, Sam Haugland, Katy Rico


GeoClub Website