Promote Research or an Event

Faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences are encouraged to submit news about their activities. This information may be used for department website, social media, newsletters, or may be forwarded to other news outlets as appropriate.

Use this form to tell us about it.

EARTH Departmental Climate Reporting Form

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is committed to maintaining a friendly, supportive climate that promotes learning, collaboration, and scientific discovery. 

We invite you to use this form to report any issues, concerns, or suggestions that you have about the departmental climate. A U-M login is required to access the Google form, but your response will be anonymous, unless you choose to provide your name. 

The information you provide in this form will be received by the Department Chair (Chris Poulsen). 

U-M has many resources available to all its members for both reporting issues and for receiving support. Some additional resource include:

Shipping Form - UPS Domestic and International Shipping Request


Place an Order Here


How to Use the Online Purchasing System

How to Approve an Order


Multiple Line Excel Template for Online Purchasing System

For orders with multiple lines, you can fill out this Microsoft Excel sheet and copy and paste the rows directly into the system.

Purchase Computer Hardware and Software

Please contact LSA IT directly for computer, printer and associated supplies orders.

Use M-Marketsite

Marketsite can be used to shop U-M Preferred Vendors.  Please assign your cart to "nkings" then place your order in the Online Purchasing System as usual, but instead of entering any of the items included in the cart, enter "Marketsite cart assigned to nkings" in the item description and list quantity of 1 and the cart total for the price.  

U-M Strategic Suppliers

U-M strategic suppliers have standing contracts with the University to provide goods and services. Purchasing from these suppliers should be considered a first priority before looking to purchase from external vendors such as

Sole Source Justification Form (will download)

For orders totaling 10K or more use this form. Also attach your Quote provided by the vendor and the Sole Source form to the ticket. If the ordered item will replace or be adding on to an existing piece of equipment, include the U-M tag# from the old or existing equipment and the building and room # of its location.

Questions? Contact LSA Purchasing.

Postdoc and Visitor Request Forms

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Appointment Request Form

Please complete this form to request an appointment for a postdoctoral research fellow.

Remember to attach the postdoc's CV by clicking on "Select File" at the bottom of this form and uploading a PDF. A draft offer letter will be sent to you for review.

LSA requires an official document from the PhD conferring institution, usually from the registrar's office, stating that the postdoc has completed their PhD degree requirements (attach to this form if available). If they do not submit this prior to their start date, they will be appointed as a visiting research investigator until this document is received by our office. You can find more information regarding postdocs on the LSA website.

For questions or concerns, please contact Stacy Wilkin in the Department main office.


Visiting Scholar Request Form

Please complete this form to request Department and University sponsorship for a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Graduate Student or for another visitor who requires space or services such as an Mcard.

Visiting Scholars Requirements:

Visiting Scholars must have have one of the following:

  • a PhD (or equivalent) or other comparable terminal graduate or graduate-professional degree and hold a faculty or other permanent research position at another accredited university, college, or research organization
  • a Masters or equivalent intermediate degree and substantial professional experience that the host unit affirms to be equivalent to that expected of a member of the University of Michigan faculty; and are pursuing a program of research as their primary purpose; and will be in residence for a term of not less than one month and not more than three calendar years.

Visiting Graduate Student Requirements:

Visiting Graduate Students must be conducting research related to the graduate degree requirements of another university as their primary purpose; and be in residence for not less than one month and not more than two calendar years. Students visiting under student exchange agreements are not eligible for Visiting Graduate Student status.

For questions or concerns, please contact Stacy Wilkin in the Department main office.

Field Trip Approval Form for Faculty

Drivers License Approval Instructions

Drivers License Approval for UM Vehicles

As you plan field work and other trips, please bear in mind the University rules regarding vehicle driver authorization. If you anticipate driving a UM vehicle, including the Department van, you must register on the Parking and Transportation Services website. Examples include field trips, Camp Davis, airport pickup, etc.

Parking and Transportation (PTS) Fleet Services has created a system for checking motor vehicle records. The online system will allow each person to log in and create their own profile. It also provides a way to share your driving status with a single or multiple delegate(s). This system will provide a more secure way to gather the information required for PTS Fleet Services to obtain a driving record on behalf of the University of Michigan.

The following URL will direct you to the online system –

The system requires authentication using your unique name and Kerberos password. Once your motor vehicle record has been checked, you and your selected delegate(s) will receive email notification regarding your driving status at the University of Michigan. Email reminders will also be sent out when it is time to renew or update your profile.

1) You must include the following uniqnames in your Delegates list: ahudon, paulaf, craigdel
And if Camp Davis related, include Chris Malvica: cmalvica

2) Type in the Department phone number, not your office or personal phone: 734-764-1435.
Also the Dept fax number: 734-763-4690.

3) Department id: 177000.

4) Department address: Room 2534 1100 North University 48109-1005.

5) Use shortcode 101250. (The form will not be processed unless you enter a shortcode.)

Anne and Paula must be able to check whether a driver has been approved for University vehicles.

No one will be allowed to drive a University vehicle, including the Dept van, unless he/she has been approved. Note that approval can take days or weeks for out-of-state licenses.



1. Go to

2. Enter your uniqname and Kerberos password. The Driver Profile screen opens.

3. Complete all the information fields. In the delegate box, enter the uniqname of department staff who need to verify your driving status at the university: ahudon, paulaf. For Camp Davis-related travel, enter cmalvica.

4. Check the box authorizing PTS to check your driving record.

5. Verify the information is correct, then click the Update Profile button. A box will pop up stating profile updated – ok if all the information is completed correctly.

6. Click the Check/Renew Status page. This screen tells you the status of your approval, when that approval expires, and if there is any action you need to take to complete the approval process.

7. If this is your first time in the system or you need to be update or renew your request - click the Create Requestbutton. A box will pop up stating request sent - ok. You have successfully completed the process.

8. Select the Log Out button in the upper right hand corner.

9. An email will be sent to you once your request has been processed indicating your status as approved, or not approved, to drive a university vehicle.


If you have any questions about the policy or process for obtaining a MVR, please feel free to contact Fleet Services at or (734) 764-3427.


Field Research Safety Plan Form