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Faculty History

This section lists faculty who are deceased or no longer regularly associated with the Department.

A note on dates: There is some uncertainty as to appointment dates as sources differ. The U-M date will generally, but not always refer to that person's association with the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and its predecessors. Where possible dates have been verified with original manuscript sources.

In the early years of the department, some lecturers have been listed as faculty in some records but not others. For the most part, these have been included prior to 1930.


Sarah Aciego 2010-2017
Richard C Allen 1908-1909
Chester A. Arnold 1928-1971
Ralph Belknap 1923-1961
Louis I. Briggs 1950-1978
Ermine C. Case 1907-1941
Bruce R. Clark 1968-1977
William B. Colburn  
George V. Cohee 1943-1948
Paul L. Cloke 1957-1985
Charles W. Cook 1908-1933
John Chronic Jr. 1950-1951


Reynolds M. Denning 1953-1967
John M. Denoyer 1958-1968
John A. Dorr 1952-1985
Silas H. Douglas 1844-1877
James A. Doyle 1971-1977
Armand J. Eardley 1930-1950
George M. Ehlers 1919-1961
Donald F. Eschman 1953-1987
Eric J. Essene 1969-2009
Billy Joe Evans 1970-1976
William R. Farrand 1965-2001
Michael J. Foote 1990-1994


Edwin N. Goddard 1950-1973
Laurence M. Gould 1921-1932
Joseph T. Gregory 1941-1946
Alex N. Halliday 1986-1998
Mark W. Harrington 1868-1892
E. William Heinrich 1948-1985
Claude W. Hibbard 1946-1973
Charles G. Higgins 1951-1952
Eugene W. Hilgard 1833-1875
William H. Hobbs 1906-1934
Edward F. Holden 1921-1925
Jack L. Hough 1966-1974
Douglass Houghton 1839-1845
Walter F. Hunt 1906-1952
Russell C. Hussey 1921-1959


Lewis B. Kellum 1929-1971
Robert V. Kesling 1948-1985
Jennifer A. Kitchell 1984-1989
Edward H. Kraus 1904-1946
Kenneth K. Landes 1941-1969
Thorne Lay 1984-1990
Frank C. Leverett 1908-1928
Mervin F. Lovenburg 1971-1973
Thomas S. Lovering 1934-1937
David C. Lund 2008-2013


Donald B. Macurda Jr. 1963-1978
Kenneth G. McMurry 1920-1923
Albert B. Peck 1914-1919
William H. Pettee 1875-1904
Paul W. Pomeroy 1968-1973


Lewis S. Ramsdell 1919-1961
Frank H. T. Rhodes 1967-1977
Israel C. Russell 1892-1906
Kenji Satake 1990-1995
Carl O. Sauer 1916-1923
Irving D. Scott 1906-1946
Maurice W. Senstius 1927-1957
William H. Sherzer  
G. Winston Sinclair 1949-1953
Chester B. Slawson 1920-1963
Charles I. Smith 1966-1978
George M. Stanley 1930-1949
Ellen B. Stevenson 1923-1933
Erwin C. Stumm 1947-1969
Frederick S. Turneaure 1947-1969


Eugene Walker 1947-1950
Alexander Winchell 1853-1891
James L. Wilson 1978-1985
James T. Wilson 1941-1978
David V. Wiltschko 1977-1983
James H. Zumberge 1950-1962