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Use Department Shared Printers

MPrint website to install the printers for Mac, Windows, and Linux (see below for more details)

Printer names;

  • ccl-3015-colormulti-1
  • ccl-4011-colormulti-1
  • ccl-2534c-colormulti-1Follow Me

What do I need to do?


Department-supported Windows computers will have these 3 printers installed automatically, after your next reboot (Must be on a campus network).

Personal windows laptops and any windows computer missing the printers can download and install them with this installer: Combined Installer for EES 2534c 3015 4011 FollowMe

Mac computers (OSX 10.9 and below are not supported) 

  1. Download and run the MPrint installer BYOD package first, which is available here.
  2. Printers can then be installed by visiting and creating an installer.
  3. Turn on duplexing. Open System Preferences/ Printers and Scanners/ select the printer/ Click Options and Supplies/

*Mac users: The first time that you print to each device the queue will pause with a "Hold for authentication" message. Click the resume button to get the login prompt and enter your kerberos uniquename "umroot\uniquename", your kerberos password, and select the add to keychain box to prevent authenticating every time you print. This will also occur if you change your kerberos password, or clear your keychain. We are working to eliminate this issue.

You can rename the printers in System Preferences/ Printers and Scanners to your liking.

Linux Follow the instructions at

*Printing from off campus may require using the umich VPN. VPN install directions are available at

Follow Me printing: If you have sensitive material we strongly encourage you to use the Follow Me print queue. This is included with the Mac BYOD package above. The Follow Me print queue will hold your documents for up to 24 hours, until you choose to release them by swiping your MCard at a printer. This will ensure your sensitive documents only print when you are present.

The new devices come with card readers, so please remember to bring your MCard! Your MCard will grant you access to the device for copying and scanning. If you don’t have it with you though, you can log in using your uniquename and password by selecting Alternative Login at the copier console.

The Knowledge base page allows searching for common documented IT questions specific to our environment at LSA: