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EARTH Department Van Policy

In order to comply with UM standard practice guidelines for use of vehicles ( and to protect the Department from any possible liability, the following policy and procedures will take effect immediately.

Before you are allowed to reserve or drive any University vehicle you must request a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check by completing the application on the following website:

The Department van is available for short term, same day trips. Trips of longer duration may be approved by the Chair in exceptional circumstances, but in general a separate vehicle rental should be made for longer trips. Rentals for department business will be covered by the department, rentals for other purposes, such as research, should be paid for out of research funds or other non-departmental accounts. These rentals can be arranged through the department by contacting Paula Frank in the Department main office. Only UM faculty, staff and students may drive. Undergraduate students and temporary employees must have specific faculty or administrative permission before they will be allowed to drive.

The department van may be scheduled for use, first come first served, by contacting Paula Frank in the Department office. Any Administrative Office staff member will be authorized to schedule vehicle use for you if she is not available. Work study or temporary employees are not authorized to schedule vehicle use. Weekend reservations can be made no later than the end of the business day on Friday. You will need to supply specific departure and return times, and provide a cell phone number where you can be reached.

All drivers must personally pick up the vehicle key from Administrative Office staff. Paula Frank will be the primary contact but other office staff will also be authorized to issue the key. Work study or temporary employees are not authorized to issue keys. Driving records of all drivers will be checked periodically or at least once a year.

A trip record ticket must be filled out for each use of the vehicle and can be picked up with the key. You must fill in the following information:

  • Name of Person driving and any additional passengers
  • Specific destination
  • Business purpose
  • Date
  • Start and end mileage

This ticket must be returned to Administrative Office staff when you return the key. When the vehicle is used after business hours or on the weekends, return the key along with the trip ticket the next business morning. The vehicle key may not be passed on by drivers to other users.

Report any damage or vehicle problems immediately to Craig Delap at 4-2434 or In case of damage or accident, an accident report form (kept in the glove box) must be filled out immediately and turned in with the key and trip ticket. Where another vehicle is involved or if there is physical injury to a person, a police report will be required.

The following transportation alternatives are also available for faculty, staff and students:

  1. Use your own vehicle and be reimbursed through Concur travel expense report for personal mileage or cost of gasoline.
  2. Rent a vehicle with your own funding source from Transportation Services. See Paula Frank for requisition form.
  3. Rent a vehicle from preferred providers to the UM with your own funding source.

Use of the Department van is a privilege that the Department Chair may withdraw from anyone who does not comply with UM standard practices and Departmental procedures.