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Visiting Fellows

Du Bois-Mandela-Rodney Postdoctoral Fellow

Eliud Biegon 

received his undergraduate degree from Moi University and his M.A. (History) at Kenyatta University before completing his PhD at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He previously taught at Kenya Methodist University (Meru, 2008-2010). He’s presently a Lecturer of History at Chuka University. He completed his PhD dissertation titled “A History of the Terik Community of Kenya, ca. 1985 to 1963”. His present postdoctoral engagement is primarily towards the publication of his PhD work into a book tentatively titled; A History of the Terik. His general area of research interest is in the cultural and social histories of African communities with special focus on the Kalenjin ethnic group of Kenya. His particular area of focus is on issues around identity and ethnicity and ethnic elite formation particularly in colonial Kenya. Works around social institutions in pre-colonial and colonial Africa also interest him. The journal article he’s currently working on towards publication is: An Oral Account of the Terik in World War One. During his postdoctoral fellowship (2016-2017), he hopes to pursue deeper studies in two areas tentatively titled: Social and Political Organization among the Terik in a time of change, ca. 1860 to 1920, and; Status, Legitimacy and the Making of Kalenjin Political Elites in Colonial Kenya.