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Tutoring & Study Groups

CSP Tutoring

CSP Tutoring is available to CSP Scholars in the following courses:

  • Economics
  • Math
  • Statistics
  • French 
  • Spanish
  • Tutoring in other courses can be requested and depends on tutor availability for the subject.

How Can I Request Tutoring Through CSP?

If you would like to request for a tutor, you will need to request for one through your advisor. You may reach your advisor via appointment, email, or afternoon walk-ins. 

Important Dates Regarding CSP Tutoring for the Winter 2020 Term:

Jan. 15 - Students can start requesting for a tutor

Jan. 21 - Tutoring Begins

Mar. 25 - Last day to request for a tutor

Apr. 20 - Tutoring Ends

Want to Become a CSP Tutor?

Please contact CSP advisor Chauncey Williams, our CSP tutor coordinator, at Please include which course names/numbers you'd like to tutor.

Additional Tutoring Resources

The Science Learning Center (SLC) also partners with CSP and therefore offers CSP Students Appointment-based Tutoring for the Following Courses:

  • Biology 171, 172
  • Chemistry 130, 210, 215
  • Physics 135, 140, 235, 240


CSP students enrolled in the science courses above must follow these two simple steps to receive tutoring:

1. Participate in an SLC Study Group. CSP students can register online beginning the second week of classes. If the groups are closed, please join a waitlist. SLC staff will make every effort to add you to a group as soon as possible. You should attend these sessions weekly.

2. Once you have joined a study group, you can then request tutoring by appointment. This tutoring is reserved for CSP students only. This will give you another opportunity each week to ask questions and discuss the course material. 


The Science Learning Center (SLC) also Offers Drop-in Tutoring to all Students in:

  • Biology 171, 172
  • Chemistry 130, 210, 215

SLC drop-in tutoring is offered throughout the term in the SLC Help Room, 1720 Chemistry, on:

  • Sundays 4-8 PM
  • Mondays through Thursdays 4-7 PM


Additional Tutoring Resources