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About Us

Bridge Programs are academic programs designed to assist talented scholars from their first semester at U-M until their last. It consists the Summer Bridge Scholars Program Bridge Scholars PLUS, and the summer scholarships. Our scholars are provided intensive academic preparation and support through their membership in one of our many programs. 

In 1975, the Comprehensive Studies Program successfully oriented the first class of scholars through the Summer Bridge Scholars Program. Scholars were offered intensive academic preparation, highly individualized academic advising, and the personal attention of faculty in an intensive, yet nurturing environment.

During the summer-term scholars within the SBSP enroll in 8 or 9 credit hours in writing, mathematics, and a first-year seminar. These academically rigorous courses are credit bearing, fulfill degree requirements, and become part of the scholar’s official University of Michigan transcript.

After scholars successfully complete SBSP, they are eligible to apply to continue their experience within Bridge Scholars PLUS. Those selected will enroll in a first-year seminar focused on major exploration, experiential learning, and academic success. As a participant scholars also has the opportunity to gain access to additional scholarship funds. 

Each year scholars participate in Bridge Scholars PLUS they are able to gain additional opportunities related to leadership, mentorship, career, and graduate school preparation. 

All aspects of the Bridge Programs focus on helping scholars achieve a sense of belonging within the U-M community, motivation, academic self-efficacy, and growth mindset.