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Sophomore Year

"Bridge Scholars PLUS was an integral part of my freshman year at the University of Michigan. The meeting space was one that isn't found in other classes. Activities for Bridge Scholars Plus felt like going to a family event where everyone was happy to be around each other. My academic coach helped me to transition into the academic rigor of a fourteen week semester, but most importantly the change in social aspects that come when the whole student body is on campus. She helped me to manage stress and was always there to listen to me. With the help of my academic coach and the rest of the Bridge Scholars Plus staff, I was able to put my following summer to good use and grow even more as an individual."

~Claire Wixson, Bridge Scholars PLUS Class of 2015

Sophomore Year

Scholars continue their experience in the sophomore year of Bridge Scholars PLUS. They are assigned to faculty mentor affinity groups and enjoy academic, social, and professional programming inlcuding: 

  • Continued Electroinc Portfolio Development
  • Continued Resume Development
  • Introduction to Graduate School
  • Career Crawls
  • Mock Interviews
  • Internship Preparation