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Junior Year

"After an amazing summer experience, I was able to continue my CSP connections with Bridge Scholars PLUS, where I was granted the possibility to advance socially and academically. Due to Bridge Scholars PLUS, I was given advice and assistance from my academic coach who had known so much about my my desired field. Going even further with BSP endeavors, I was able to attend the New England Literature Program, which had been a goal of mine since coming to campus. Bridge Scholars PLUS has allowed me to maintain my connections that I built in Summer Bridge, as well as continuously thrive professionally and academically."

~ Erika Shevchek, Bridge Scholars PLUS Class of 2015

Junior Year

In their junior year, scholars will engage in individualized faculty mentoring with tenured or tenure-track faculty in the scholars' discipline of choice. 

Scholars will continue their preparation for graduate or professional school and career by choosing a graduate/career track and participating in relevant experiences including GRE/MCAT/LSAT preparatory courses, graduate school visits, mock interviews, and workshops sponsored by the U-M Alumni Association. 

Scholars are expected to use the following summer to participate in internships directly related to their post-graduate aspirations.