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Publications and Technical Reports

Select publications and technical reports by CSCS faculty, researchers and associates. If you have a publication you'd like to include here, please send the citation or link to Thank you!

Books and Book Chapters

Doering, Charles. and J.D. Gibbon. (1995). Applied Analysis of the Navier-Stokes Equations. Cambridge University Press.

Miller, John and Scott E. Page. (2007) Complex Adaptive Systems: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life. Princeton University Press.

Newman, Mark. (2010) Networks: An Introduction. Oxford University Press.
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Newman, Mark. and Daniel Dorling and Anna Barford. (2008) The Atlas of the Real World. Thames and Hudson.

Page, Scott. (2007) The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools and Societies. Princeton University Press.
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Journal Articles

Bruch, Elizabeth and Robert Mare. (2009). "Preferences and Pathways to Segregation: Reply to Van de Rijt, Siegal and Macy." American Journal of Sociology. 114 (4): 1181-1198.

Deegan, Robert and T. Epstein. (2010). Strip Waves in Vibrated Shear-Thickening Worm-Like Micellar Solutions. Phys. Rev. E 81, 066310.

Deegan, Robert. (2010) Stress Hysteresis as the Cause of Persistent Holes in Particulate Suspensions. Phys. Rev. E. 81, 036319.

Deegan, Robert and P. Brunet and J. Eggers. (2009) Motion of a Drop Driven by Substrate Vibrations. European Physical Journal, 166, 11.

Deegan Robert and P. Brunet and J. Eggers (2008). Complexities of Splashing. Nonlinearity 21, C1-C11.

Doering, Charles and J. Schumacher and B. Eckhardt. (2010). Extremal Vorticity Growth in Navier-Stokes Turbulence. Physics Letters A 374, 861–865.

Doering, Charles. and J.N. Waddell, and L.M. Sander. (2010) Demographic Fluctuations versus Spatial Variation in the Competition between Fast and Slow Dispersers. Theoretical Population Biology.

Newman, M.E. J. and Brian Karrer. (2010). A Message Passing Approach for General Epidemic Models. Phys. Rev. E. 82, 106101.

Newman, Mark. (2008). The Physics of Networks. Physics Today.