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Genetic Programming Theory and Practice X 10-12 May 2012

Genetic Programming Theory and Practice Workshop
May 9 – 10, 2012

Keynote Talk by Sean Luke

Multiagent Models and Learning

Sean Luke

Multiagent systems and models have found their way into venues as diverse as swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles, warehouse delivery systems, games and animation, and complex dynamical systems models in the social sciences, ecology, and population biology.  But optimizing or learning large multiagent systems is unusually challenging due to the inverse problem posed by the emergent macrophenomena arising from the interactions among the agents.  This problem only gets worse as the complexity of agents, and their number, increases: yet this is the trend in these models as computer power becomes more readily available.  This talk will detail my own interests in the design and development of  multiagent systems and models, large and small, with a focus on their optimization and the application of machine learning techniques to swarms of agents.  Target applications of these topics range from engineering tasks such as multirobotics to massive multiagent models in the social sciences.

Sean Luke is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at George Mason University, associate director of the GMU Center for Social Complexity, and co-director of GMU's Evolutionary Computation and Autonomous Robotics Laboratries.  Prof. Luke received his PhD in Compuer Science from the University of Maryland in 2000.  He is the primary developer of two very popular open-source toolkits: the ECJ evolutionary computation library and the MASON large-scale multiagent simulation toolkit.  He is also the author of the free undergraduate textbook Essentials of Metaheuristics.  Prof. Luke's recent research interests include multirobotics, evolutionary computation, multiagent modeling and learning.

Speakers and Talk Titles:

Thomas Helmuth, Lee Spector "Evolving SQL Queries from Examples with Developmental Genetic Programming"

Terence Soule,  Robert B Heckendorn “A Practical Platform for ON-line Genetic Programming for Robotics”

Simon Harding, Juergen Leitner and Juergen Schmidhuber “Cartesian Genetic Programming for Image Processing”

Christian Darabos, Mario Giacobini, Ting Hu, Jason H Moore “A New Mutation Paradigm for Genetic Programming”

Babak Hodjat, Hormoz Shahrzad “Introducing an Age-Varying Fitness Estimation Function”

Mark Wagy, Una-May O’Reilly, and Babak Hodjat “EC-Star:  A Massive-Scale, Hub and Spoke, Distributed Genetic Programming System”

Seth J Chandler “Evolving Binary Decision Trees That Sound Like Law” (Friday Keynote)

Jason H Moore, Douglas P Hill, Arvis Sulovari, La Creis Kidd “Genetic Analysis of Prostrate Cancer Using Computational Evolution, Pareto Optimization and Post-Processing”

Marylyn D Ritchie “Meta-dimensional analysis of complex biological traits using ATHENA”

Michael Korns “A Baseline Symbolic Regression Algorithm”

Flor Castillo, Carlos Villa, Arthur Kordon “Symbolic Regression Model Comparison Approach Using Transmitted Variation”

Oliver Flasch, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein “Empirical Analysis of Genetic Programming System Performance”

Amit Benbasset, Achiya Elyasaf, and Moshe Sipper “More or less?  Two Approaches to Evolving Gamer-Playing Strategies”

Bill Worzel “A Random Walk Through BP(TP)  (Saturday Keynote)

Mark Kotanchek, Katya Vladislavleva, Guido Smits “Symbolic Regression is not enough: It Takes a Village to Raise a Model”

James McDermott, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Una-May O’Reilly  “FlexGP:  Prototyping Flexibly-Scaled, Flexibly-Factored Genetic Programming Algorithms for the Cloud”

Erik Hemberg, Lester HO, Michael O’Neill and Holger Claussen  “Representing Commnication and Learning Methods in Femtocell Pilot Power Control”


This workshop received support from the following sources:
The Center for the Study of Complex Systems
John Koza, Third Millennium Venture Capital Limited
Michael Korns
Mark Kotanchek, Evolved Analytics
Jason Moore, Computational Genetics Laboratory at Dartmouth College
Babak Hodjat and Genetic Finance LLC

Organizers and Book Editors:
Rick Riolo Ann Arbor, MI
Ekaterina Vladislavleva Gummersbach, Germany
Jason Moore Torino, Italy
Marylyn Ritchie University Park, PA, USA
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