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Genetic Programming Theory and Practice 12-14 May, 2005

This workshop will focus on how theory can inform practice and what practice reveals about theory. The goal is to evaluate the state-of-the-art in genetic programming by discussing different theories and their value to practitioners of the art and to review problems and observations from practice that challenge existing theory.

This will be a small, invitation-only workshop on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The workshop format is informal with plenty of time for discussion. Keynote speakers include Van Parunak (Altarum), Michael Yarus (U Colo) and Inman Harvey (Sussex). Below is the list of all papers to be presented at the Workshop, along with their authors and affiliations.

The papers from the workshop are available as chapters in a Genetic Programming Theory and Practice III, Tina Yu, Rick Riolo, Bill Worzel (eds.), Springer (2006).

Please also visit the list of all GPTP workshops.


The GPTP-2005 Workshop is made possible by generous contributions from:

  • Third Millenium
  • Christopher T. May, Red Queen Capital Management
  • State Street Global Advisors, Boston, MA
  • Biocomputing and Developmental Systems Group, CSIS, University of Limerick
  • Dow Chemical, Core R&D/Physical Sciences
  • Genetics Squared, Inc.
  • Michael Korns, Investment Science Corporation

Please thank them for making this workshop possible.

Contributions should be made out to University of Michigan with a memo that says: Shortcode 307767 for CSCS GPTP-2005

Then send to:

   Howard Oishi
   Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS)
   4477 Randall Lab
   University of Michigan Ann Arbor MI 48109-1120

   Workshop Talk titles, authors and schedule:

   Thursday, 2005 May 12

   Keynote Talk: Van Parunak
   Lessons Learned from Real-world EC Projects. Evolving Swarming Agents in Real Time.

   Morning Session:

   Application issues of genetic programming in industry
       Arthur Kordon, Flor Castillo, Guido Smits, Mark Kotanchek

   Challenges in Open-Ended Problem Solving with Genetic Programming
       Jason Daida


   Afternoon Session #1

   A Higher-Order Function Approach to Evolve Recursive Programs
       Tina Yu
   Genetic Programming inside a Cell: Investigations of Gene Regulation from a GP Perspective
       Christian Jacob, Ian Burleigh


   Afternoon Session #2

   Automated synthesis of a previously patented aspherical optical lens system by means of genetic programming
       John Koza, Lee Jones, Sameer H. Al-Sakran

   Evolution on Neutral Networks in Genetic Programming
       Wolfgang Banzhaf, Andre Leier

   Use of Nepotistic Operators in Genetic Programming.
       Sameer H. Al-Sakran, Lee Jones


   Friday 13 May 2005

   Keynote: Mike Yarus
   The evolution of (genetic) code


   Morning Session:

   The effects of size and depth limits on tree based genetic programming
       Nic McPhee, Ellery Crane

   Domain Specificity of Genetic Programming based automated Synthesis: A case study with Mechanical Vibration Absorbers
       Erik Goodman, Jianjun Hu

   Afternoon Session #1

   Content Diversity in Genetic Programming and Its Correlation With Fitness?
       Bill Worzel, A. Almal, Duncan MacLean, Eric Wollesen

   Genetic Programming for Robust Design: Challenges and Tactics from An Analog CAD Perspective
       Trent McConaghy, Georges Gielen

   Discrimination of Unexploded Ordnance from Clutter Using Linear Genetic Programming
       Frank Francone, Ed Dilkes, Larry M. Deschaine


   Afternoon Session #2

   Rapid Re-evolution of an X-Band Antenna for NASA's Space Technology 5 Mission
       Jason Lohn, Gregory Hornby, Derek Linden

   Running Genetic Programming Backward
       Riccardo Poli, Bill Langdon


   Saturday, 14 May 2005

   Keynote: Inman Harvey
   Evolutionary Robotics, for Both Engineering and Science.


   Morning Session:

   Trivial Geography in Genetic Programming
       Lee Spector, Jon Klein

   An examination of co-evolving grammars
       Conor Ryan, Atif Azad

   Afternoon Session

   Variable selection in industrial datasets using Pareto genetic programming
       Guido Smits, Arthur Kordon, Elsa Jordaan, Catherine Vladislavleva, Mark Kotanchek

   Discusssion; Wrap up GPTP-2005!