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Honors Program

For students with strong academic records and a desire to pursue individual scholarly research, the honors program in Communication Studies offers a special opportunity. Students admitted into the honors program design and conduct an individual research project during their senior year and write a senior thesis on the results of their research. Upon successful completion of the thesis, students graduate with Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors in Communication Studies depending on their grade point average in Communication Studies and the evaluation of their thesis.

Students accepted for the honors program take a year-long seminar during the senior year (CommunicationStudies 491 and 492) while conducting research and writing a thesis. A maximum of three (3) credits fromCOMM 491 or 492 (Honor’s Seminar) may apply to major requirements (additional credit may be applied to the general bachelor’s degree requirements).

Applications for admission into the honors program in Communication Studies are accepted until March 15 of a student's junior year.