Link: Top 40 Under 40

Recently, The Analytical Scientist magazine published its annual Power List, featuring 40 individuals under the age of 40 who are already having a big impact on the field of analytical science.

Rich Whitworth, editor of The Analytical Scientist, explained the change in direction: “Last year, we profiled the Top 100 most influential analytical scientists, shining the spotlight on some of the scientists, engineers, and business leaders at the top of their game. It was controversial, but it also generated a great deal of excitement. This year, we wanted to shift the focus to the next generation. The new list loses none of the diversity found in our inaugural Power List, and also proves just how bright the future of analytical science is.”

“It has been an inspirational experience working with the Top 40 Under 40 to find out what makes them tick. It quickly became clear that they all share two characteristics: an absolute passion for science and the desire to forge their own path.”

About The Analytical Scientist

The ability to separate, identify and quantify the chemical components of materials— analytical chemistry—has an enormous impact on our lives; on the food we eat, our environment, energy supply, and the medicines we take. The Analytical Scientist integrates all aspects of these topic, from advances in science and technology to first-hand accounts from the labs that test athlete’s samples; and from progress in business and policy to advice for career development and job satisfaction. The Analytical Scientist launched in January 2013.