Below you will find an overview of each CGIS program divided by region, program-type, and coming soon, by major/minor recommendations. 

Each program page links to their M-Compass brochures, which is the University of Michigan’s comprehensive online tool for study abroad program information. You can search, save, and apply for international programs through M-Compass. Other information such as cost, available financial aid & scholarships, housing, deadlines, and more can be found there as well.

When selecting an intercultural experience, it is important for students to consider their personal, academic, and professional goals. Whether you hope to improve language skills, meet academic requirements, develop professional skills, or just step outside your comfort zone, each CGIS program offers unique benefits. Identifying objectives and expectations before beginning the search for a program will help you select appropriate intercultural experiences.

The Center for Global & Intercultural Study (CGIS) offers 140+ programs in over 50 countries. With programs scattered across 4 different regions, CGIS can help you fulfill your major/minor & language requirements abroad in programs ranging in length from 3 weeks to a full academuc year! Start your jorney today, by clicking on a region that you're interested in traveling to! If you're not sure which country you want to visit, don't worry! You can explore a complete list of our current programs below and if you have any questions, CGIS is here to help.

CGIS works with various partners and providers on-site to provide U-M students with an impactful international experience while also allowing them to satisfy major/minor requirements at the same time. On top of working with our various international providers, CGIS also works with U-M faculty that can provide unique custom programs that allows students to study special topics while engaging with communities around the world. CGIS offers opportunities to satsify their LSA language requirements abroad; Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEUs), which are project-based service learning programs; Global Course Connections, which consists of two components: an on-campus course during winter semester and a 3-4 week off-campus field experience that takes place during the summer; and Maize Aways, which are designed to make study abroad more accessible for students with busy schedules during the summer. Explore these options below! 

CGIS is currently working on providing program recommendations for specific majors/minors. Please note that these are simply recommendations, you will need to speak to your academic advisor to ensure that you get the appropriate credit that is needed to fulfill specific requirements abroad.