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GeoBlue Health Insurance

All University of Michigan students traveling abroad for educational reasons must be covered by GeoBlue health insurance. This insurance provides outstanding coverage for a wide range of conditions and events. CGIS automatically enrolls students on CGIS programs in GeoBlue (the cost is included in the CGIS program or administrative fee). All other students must enroll and pay for the coverage themselves. There is a one-time sign up fee of $5.00, and the insurance is $1.15 per day.

Schedule of Benefits

For the terms of coverage of the University of Michigan’s GeoBlue Insurance plan, download the Schedule of Benefits.

Duration of Coverage

Coverage extends from 2 days prior to the official arrival date (or start date of the program) until 2 days after the last official date of the program.

Purchasing Additional Coverage for Personal Travel

If you plan to travel before or after your program, CGIS strongly recommends that you purchase additional GeoBlue insurance for this additional international travel. You are responsible for the costs associated with this additional coverage:

  • You must purchase this plan prior to departure.
  • Cost is $1.15 per day plus a $5 administrative fee.
  • Plan may be purchased by students and current faculty and staff under age 80.
  • Plan may be purchased for spouses/domestic partners and dependents traveling with the covered individual.

Download the plan details

To purchase additional coverage for personal/leisure travel, follow the instructions in this PDF. 

Routine (Non-Emergency) Medical Care Abroad

To locate a GeoBlue-approved physician or medical facility in your location abroad, visit the GeoBlue website. For further information on how to use this function of the website, instructions are available here

Health care providers listed as “Network Provider” have a direct-pay agreement with GeoBlue, so you will have no out-of-pocket expenses.

If there are no GeoBlue approved facilities in your area or you prefer to see another physician, you are welcome to do so. Once you have made an appointment or have been admitted to a hospital, please contact GeoBlue to open a case. If GeoBlue is unable to pay the health care provider directly, you may have to pay the bill on-site. Be prepared for this and have emergency funds available. If you pay out-of-pocket you may submit a claim for reimbursement.

Other GeoBlue Resources and Services

Once you receive your GeoBlue insurance card, visit the GeoBlue student site to set up an account. This website provides you with the following resources:

  • doctor, pharmacy, and hospital locators
  • medication look-up
  • translation and interpreter services
  • city safety and security profiles.

You can also:

  • reprint your insurance card
  • request translation of medical documents
  • file reimbursement claims.

Additionally, please utilize these resources from GeoBlue as you prepare to depart:

2018 - 2019 Student Guide
Flyer on GHS Services
Requesting DirectPay
Filing an e-Claim
HIPAA Disclosure
GeoBlue Mobile App

Note on Country-Specific Insurance

Students may need to purchase health coverage that is required by the host country or program provider. A student’s program supplement will provide this information. This may be included in the program costs, or students may be instructed to purchase this on their own. This does not replace the GeoBlue insurance required by UM. Rather, students will have to purchase both policies.

Maintaining Your US Health Insurance

While the GeoBlue insurance plan will provide some continued coverage when students return home following a condition or injury abroad, this coverage is extremely limited and therefore students should maintain whatever current health insurance coverage they have in the US. If students need to seek continued treatment for an illness or injury that occurred while abroad, their US insurance plan will be needed.