The Center for Engaged Academic Learning, with support from the Engelhardt Family Fund, invites you to join us as we work toward social justice across southeast Michigan.  Community-based organizations and University of Michigan students benefit from partnering with one another through community-based learning courses, internships, and volunteer opportunities.  Often, the work on a project or initiative takes longer than a semester to complete.  The Engelhardt Fellowship offers an opportunity for students and organizations to continue their work together during this 8-week internship.

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This year the Engelhardt Social Justice Fellowship will support six undergraduate students who will propose projects with organizations that they identify as partners.  The organizations should have a social justice focus, work with under-resourced communities, and be located within an hour of Ann Arbor.  Students can propose projects that center around capacity-building, direct service, or the implementation of a new or pilot initiative with an organization where they have existing relationships.  The fellowship is comprised of 1) an internship based on a well-developed workplan 2) continual and critical reflection activities and  3) professional development workshops.


Fellows will help further the social justice work that their partner organizations strive to achieve while they strengthen their leadership, research, and interpersonal skills.  Through the internship experience, trainings, and reflection, Fellows will gain crucial transferrable skills including: the ability to work as part of a team, grapple with complexity, innovate, and prioritize projects.  The Fellowship experience will take place from May 1 to June 30 with a training component at the beginning.  Engelhardt Fellows will receive a stipend of $2,000.  Applicants in need of additional financial assistance are encouraged to apply for the LSA Internship Scholarship, which provides up to $5,000 to LSA students with demonstrated financial need. Applications for the LSA Internship open at the beginning Winter semester, close in the Spring semester and are considered on a semi-rolling basis.


Eligible Students Must:

❏      Be an undergraduate enrolled in good academic standing in a degree program in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.   

❏      Have participated in at least one community-centered experience (a community-based learning course or program, a robust volunteer experience, a GIEU course or community-centered internship, etc.)

❏      Work with a community organization in southeast Michigan to co-create the project proposal.

❏      Have a strong commitment to social justice issues.

❏      Be available for full duration of Fellowship.


The Work

Engelhardt Fellows will receive funding to work with community organizations four days a week.  Fellows will meet once a week as a cohort to attend trainings, academic sessions, and to collaboratively reflect on their experiences.  Guided by the principle of bi-directional learning, CEAL-led sessions will focus on the expertise of community partners, place-based research methods, the ethics of community-centered collaborations and the principles and practice of critical reflection.  Interns will also explore differences and commonalities in each organization’s approach to social justice.


Deadline:  Applications must be received by March 13th, 2017.  Apply using this link or visit the CEAL Website: