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Community-Engaged Academic Learning


Juliet Seignious' powerful paintings were shaped by having witnessed Malcolm X speaking to crowds in her Harlem neighborhood and by her subsequent journey to explore her heritage through dance and art. As a founding member of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company and now as a painter, her artistic expression is powerful and compelling. The images in "Over/come(ing)" were inspired by John Lewis’ graphic novel series March and evoke the connections between past and current social justice and civil rights protests.

This event is free and open to the campus community. Whether you are able to come for the artist's remarks (at 5:00) or you can only come by for a few minutes to view the paintings and have some hors d'oeuvres, all are welcome! The event will also serve as a house warming for CEAL's new offices in Weiser Hall. All are welcome!

CEAL supports and helps generate academically grounded community-based learning opportunities. We work directly with faculty, students, staff and local communities to enhance partnerships and to foster a culture of mutual benefit.

Assessing Community-Based Partnerships

Assessing the Practices of Public Scholarship (APPS) is an ongoing Imagining America research group exploring approaches to assessing the impact of community-based projects and partnerships rooted in the cultural disciplines. APPS promotes and develops what we call an integrated approach to assessment. Integrated assessment emphasizes consideration of community impact and involves community stakeholders as well as higher education partners in collaborative and meaningful ways. 

An integrated approach to assessment is rooted in five core values:

  • Collaboration
  • Reciprocity
  • Generativity
  • Rigor 
  • Practicability

Approached this way, assessment contributes to both transformative outcomes (e.g., improved campus-community partnerships, impact in relation to defined civic, social, and academic goals) and, just as significantly, to transformational processes.

Be a Victor

We strive to support our students and faculty on the frontlines of learning and research; to steward our planet, our community, our campus. To do this, CEAL needs you—because the world needs Victors.