The Barger Leadership Institute sponsored a breakfast meeting between Colleen Earl and the members of Women in Leadership Lessons (WiLL). Colleen is a charismatic woman leader who is passionate about her career in HR at Lockheed Martin. WiLL wanted to understand whether Colleen believed her career advancements and leadership roles had been affected by her gender. Colleen said that young women need to portray themselves in a way that is consistent with the advancements or leadership roles that they want. The skills that Colleen perceived as most important with respect to her advancements were networking and working hard. She said that a woman’s “performance will speak for itself” and therefore, women shouldn’t worry about their gender but demonstrate their potential. Colleen is a mother of two and she said the time after maternity leave is an important time in a woman’s career. She proposed that women need to come back strong and demonstrate that they can handle their careers. The most important advice she gave about maintaining a successful career and being a good parent is being present in both scenarios. Colleen Earl was an inspirational leader to speak about the intersection of one’s career and one’s gender and she left WiLL members with one final message, “Dream Big.”