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Student Project Grants

Student Project Grant - Winter 2018

Open: January 10, 2018
Deadline: February 18, 2018 by 11:59PM

BLI Student Project funding is intended to (1) stimulate learning about leadership through practice, (2) encourage and support student initiative, and (3) seed innovative projects that will contribute to the Institute, campus community, and/or society. 

BLI Fellows may be awarded up to $1,500 in funding to support medium to long-term, team-based projects that address issues about which they are passionate. 

Leadership for Peace

Student Project applicants may apply for up to $500 of additional funding through the Leadership for Peace Initiative. The BLI Leadership for Peace Initiative aims to cultivate active citizens of the world who can utilize research and critical thinking skills to engage with different cultural perspectives and make a positive impact in the global community. 

Past Examples of Projects:

  • An original theatrical production
  • Tutoring and college prep mentoring at local, under-privileged high schools
  • Development of a resource center for youth with an international non-profit organization
  • Building water tanks in rural Brazil
  • Providing iPads to cancer patients
  • [Insert your project here!]

Student Eligibility

BLI student funding opportunities are for BLI Fellows only. Please note that first year fellows who have completed their Leadership Labs are eligible to apply for small grants and student projects.

A student may only apply for one BLI Student Project Grant per semester.

A project cannot be awarded more than one Student Project Grant.

Past Student Projects

2015-2016 Student Projects

Pantanal Partnership Solar Project 2016 (Pantanal Region, Brazil)
The Pantanal Partnership Solar Project 2016 implemented solar-powered portable lights and a freezer in an isolated community in the Brazilian Pantanal. Their project goals were to (1) increase awareness of renewable energy in a rural community; (2) determine efficiency, maintenance, and ongoing costs to determine feasibility of solar energy generation; and (3) conduct interviews with 3 community members to increase our understanding on the utilization and appeal of solar powered devices in rural communities.

Perception (Ann Arbor, MI)
Perception was a student film project involving 16 students and is connected to Screen Arts and Culture 400. The film itself aimed at exploring how relationships founded in virtual reality or online platforms have the potential to skew our perspectives and expectations of other humans. Through the film the student group hoped to (1) obtain mastery of the production process, (2) bring student vision to life, (3) learn specific leadership roles and skills, (4) and incorporate peer feedback via a post-production film screening.

2014-2015 Student Projects

Dynamix Wheels (Ann Arbor, MI)
Dynamix Wheels is a group of students working to produce a wheelchair that autonomously converts in both height and form between a wheelchair and a bed. Their product will enable nurses to safely transport patients from chair to bed and back again with gentleness, safety, and dignity.

Education Unlocked (Detroit, MI)
Education Unlocked was created to provide valuable information on higher education in America to Albanian-American students from ages 14-18. They hope to widen and enrich the discussion of education within the Albanian community, share preparation materials for ACT, SAT, and AP exams, and inspire other college students/recent college graduates in the Albanian community to take action and mentor young students. This year, they will add a mentoring component, a more structured student panel, and expanded evaluation with pre and post event surveys.

Michigan Health Aid Community Coordinated Preventative Screening (Ann Arbor, MI)
Michigan Health Aid is dedicated to improving universal health through preventative medicine, health education and leadership development. They plan on providing free health screenings for the uninsured and underinsured while increasing awareness regarding proper health related choices.

Miscellania Crash Course Convention (Ann Arbor, MI)
Miscellania’s goal is to help people discover their passions and are organizing a convention consisting of a large selection of lessons (15-20), allowing people to experience several new fields of interest. They aim to provide a venue where people can learn and equally important teach new and exciting things in an interactive, no-pressure, and fun environment.

Past Small Grants

2015-2016 Small Grant Recipients

Jessica Greenspan - Green Building Leadership Camp (Shanghai, China)

Women in Leadership Lessons – Emotional Intelligence Event (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Anna Forringer-Beal - Notre Dame's Gender Studies Conference (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Take a Tampon Leave a Tampon (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Blackchap Startup (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Women in Leadership Lessons – Leaders and Best of Ann Arbor Speaker Panel (Ann Arbor, Michigan) (Ann Arbor, Michigan)


2014-2015 Small Grant Recipients

Alternative Spring Break – Burton, Texas (Burton, TX)

Basement Arts’ World Premier of the Play Istanbul (Ann Arbor, MI)

Growing Power Food Systems Alternative Spring Break (Milwaukee, WI)

Michi-Ghana (Ann Arbor, MI)

Women in Leadership Lessons (Ann Arbor, MI)

Lejla Bajgoric - Lend for America Summit