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BLI Fellow: Alex Wilf
Team: Keenan Tullis

Members​ ​of​ ​the​ ​University​ ​of​ ​Michigan​ ​community​ ​are​ ​constantly​ ​growing​ ​as​ ​a​ ​result​ ​of​ ​interacting​ ​with complex​ ​ideas.​ ​In​ ​the​ ​course​ ​of​ ​these​ ​interactions,​ ​it​ ​can​ ​often​ ​be​ ​difficult​ ​to​ ​break​ ​down​ ​ideas systematically,​ ​store​ ​them​ ​in​ ​an​ ​easily​ ​retrievable​ ​and​ ​understandable​ ​way,​ ​and​ ​communicate​ ​them effectively. While back-of-the-napkin​ notes,​ ​whiteboarding​ ​sessions,​ ​and​ ​long wandering​ ​conversations​ ​all​ ​have​ ​their​ ​place​ ​(and​ ​always​ ​will)​ , ​what​ ​is​ ​needed​ ​is​ ​a​ ​common​ ​language​ ​to​ ​formalize​ ​conclusions,​ ​a mechanism​ ​to​ ​store​ ​those​ ​conclusions,​ ​and​ ​a​n efficient retrieval process​.

Invarient will alleviate these issues for the UM community by creating a new system for visualizing and storing information. Their tool can be used by all including teachers for teaching, students for academic ideas, and academic advisors who want to illustrate possible career paths and academic requirements for their students.