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Mythbusting Our Biases

BLI Fellow: Clara Li
Team: Alyssa Toye, John Schaefer, Victoria Rai

"Mythbusting Our Biases" is based on the premise that individuals’ perspectives are grounded in his/her/their upbringing and experiences. Often, people tend to associate themselves with like-minded individuals. Unfortunately, such practices tend to reinforce personal biases as individuals are not put in positions where their perceptions are thoroughly challenged.

The vision of “Mythbusting Our Biases” is to bring awareness to one’s biases, in the hopes of fostering globally competent individuals. We aim to achieve this through events titled “Dinners in the Dark.” Based on the restaurant model that creates an environment for people to have a different sensory experience with food, their version will also blindfold participants during dinner discussions, which will provide a unique way for students to engage in discussions around biases on campus. 

(from left to right) Victoria Rai, John Schaefer, Alyssa Toye, Clara Li