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Phase 3: High Impact Involvement

Advanced Fellows: 

Once per year, we invite Fellows to apply for our most exclusive program, the Advanced Fellows Program. Committed BLI Fellows who seek to deepen their leadership learning will be admitted to our Advanced Fellows Program. Our most dedicated students will play active parts in all aspects of the BLI community and will have additional opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Advanced Fellows are given intensive, individualized leadership coaching with BLI staff in order to craft a personal leadership plan integrating all aspects of their Michigan education. Advanced Fellows meet regularly with their staff mentors to receive feedback and guidance. At the beginning of the year, students participate in a multi-day retreat to connect with other members of their cohort who also provide support throughout the year. In 2017, they traveled to South Manitou Island at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Capstone Experience: 

This program cultivates evidence-based leadership among BLI students by supporting Fellows as they pursue significant collaborative projects whose design, implementation, and evaluation requires substantial analytic work. The Capstone experience brings abstract skills learned in the classroom to real life application as students design research and project implementation plans, conduct research and analysis on relevant data, and bring their project visions to life in line with the information they find.

Advanced Fellows Retreat - Fall 2017 - South Manitou Island

Capstone Showcase - Fall 2017