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Welcome to the Barger Leadership Institute

The Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) is a student-powered, faculty-guided community dedicated to developing leadership learning through engaged liberal arts education. A flexible leadership program for any Michigan undergraduate.


BLI members participate in our 7-week Leadership Lab, student-led lunch workshops, small grants, community events, and other cross-campus activities that deepen their understanding of self and reflection on leadership principles.


BLI fellows-members who have completed the Leadership Lab- have access to mid-sized project grants, a leadership retreat and exclusive access opportunities with Michigan Alumni.

High Impact Involvement:

BLI fellows can pursue intensive, individualized leadership coaching through the Advanced Fellows Program, access paid student leadership positions and/or cultivate evidence-based leadership skills in the BLI Capstone Experience.

Access Opportunities:

With help from our alumni partners, we have curated high impact opportunities that allow our students to experience the reality of 21st century leadership through intense, but often brief, chances to interact with and observe leadership in action. BLI Access Opportunities are exclusive opportunities to meet some of the University’s most successful alumni here and across the globe. 


The Institute provides resources to our BLI students through a variety of awards, and grants.  These opportunities reinforce our beliefs in student initiative, the importance of learning from real-world experience, the vital role of reflection, teamwork and collaboration, and the need to actively engage our community.