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Varian (Agilent) 600 MHZ NMR Solid State


Model:  Vnmrs

Capabilities:  solids and membrane samples; all 1D, 2D, 3D experiments for biomolecular NMR studies (i.e. protein structure & dynamics, carbohydrates, RNA, DNA, protein-ligand interactions, etc.).

Location:  3411A Chemistry

Other Tools

Varian 5 mm PFG H{C/N} Triple Resonances AutoX Probe

Frequency Range:        1H, 13C, 15N

Temp Range:               -20 to +80 C

Sensitivity:                 1H = XX, 13C = YY

Necessary items for SSNMR experiments:

    To record spectra from SSNMR 600 and 500 MHz SSNMR, please provide the following: 

  1. Short code for recharge
  2. Sample tube for static samples 
  3. MAS rotor 

        *The tubes and rotors must be approved by Dr. Vivekanandan Subramanian. 
    4.  Liquid Nitrogen or N2 gas for VT experiments 

MAS Rotor (Magic Angle Sample spinning for liquid samples using nanoprobe)

Since the quality of the experiments and data are highly dependent on the sample quality and packing inside the MAS rotor, it is important to purchase quality rotors from a recommended vendor. Please contact Dr. Vivekanandan Subramanian for details about rotor (dimension, material, cap quality, vendor etc.,) or visit 

SSNMR is not a straight technique that can be readily applied in the same manner to every chemical. For example, following are some of the aspects that need to be considered in detail for a better outcome in a commonly used CPMAS experiment. 

  1. Is the sample crystal, amorphous, semi-solid, or temperature sensitive? 
  2. What is an optimum nrot ? 
  3. What is the T1? 
  4. What nuclei is suitable for detection? 
  5. Is the sample packed well in the rotor? 
  6. What is the optimum temperature? 
  7. What is the optimum 1H decoupler power?
Internal UM user NMR rate $6/hour
Internal UM user consultation/technician services rate $15/hour
External non-UM user NMR rate - academic institution $30/hour
External non-UM user NMR rate - non-academic institution (private) $80/hour
External non-UM user consultation/technician services rate $60/hour
Additional consumable supplies and materials costs may apply