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SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: The Gilman Scholarship and Wildlands Studies Applications are Now Open (Deadline: Oct. 2, 2018)


Each year at least one Wildlands Studies participant earns a Gilman Scholarship. Although our field programs are one of the most affordable (usually less than tuition, room and board for the term), it can still be tough to make it work.Gilman Scholarship winners have joined us in Belize, Nepal, Tasmania, and we currently have one travelling with us to Nepal this fall!This scholarship awards up to $5000 for study abroad. BUT they have tight deadlines. The Winter or Spring 2019 program deadline is just when quarter students return to campus –October 2, 2018.

2019 Winter and Spring programs include:ECUADOR, CHILE, THAILAND, SOUTH AFRICA, CUBA, & AUSTRALIA. 

Wildlands Studies creates academically rigorous, rich, immersive learning experiences that connect students with the natural world, and bring your classroom experience to life. At the same time, we introduce you to active researchers and help establish your professional network. All facets that lead to employment and graduate school.

If you are a Pell Grant recipient, we encourage you to consider the Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship:

If this scholarship is not right for you, use our scholarship webpage to find one that is:

We welcome all applications for our 2019 Winter and Spring field programs! 

Field programs:

To apply: