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COURSE OPPORTUNITY: The Biological Station is Offering New Courses for Pre-Health Students

2 credits, May 20-June 2, 2018
You've taken Intro Stats, but would like some practice using those tools on real-world data. Take this class and you'll learn how to collect and analyze useful environmental data to answer ecological questions. Time with spreadsheets, database and statistical software (R) is balanced with time outside planning a research question and gathering data. ( note: this course is still being explored; e will know by early March if it will run or not -- in plenty of time for registration.)

5 credits, June 23-August 18, 2018
Search for new antibiotics in Northern Michigan blue-green algae. Natural products have long been used for medicinal applications. Cyanobacteria are particularly renowned for producing compounds with antibacterial, anticancer, and insecticidal properties. Learn taxonomic identification of biologically relevant blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and proper field collection techniques for sampling the biologically diverse Northern Michigan natural habitats. You will then use these samples for extraction and purification of natural products, which will be tested for therapeutically relevant biological activity.

2 credits, August 12-24, 2018 
This project-based course extension will emulate how scientists study environmental microbes. You will gain exposure to water microbe-relevant sustainability issues in Northern Michigan by working with local partners (wastershed councils, managers, citizen science groups). Simultaneously, you will master microbiological concepts and skills needed for field sample collection and analysis, to answer: “How could we rigorously address those issues?”