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SUMMER RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: 2018 University of Notre Dame Environmental Center Summer Programs (Deadline: Nov. 10)

Attached is a description of two summer programs for undergraduates offered by the Environmental Research Center.  The programs are open to undergraduates who are enrolled in a 4-year program in any area of environmental biology and are interested in pursuing a career in environmental biology.  These programs focus on field-oriented studies and research, and provide opportunities to conduct independent research at exceptional natural areas: Notre Dame’s nationally recognized facilities in the Michigan Upper Peninsula (UNDERC-East) and an intermountain valley in Montana (UNDERC-West). 

The invitation to apply for these programs is extended to students who are sophomores or higher for UNDERC-East. Admission to UNDERC-West requires first attending UNDERC-East.  Because this program can only accommodate up to 28 students at UNDERC-East, and 8 at UNDERC-West, admittance is highly competitive based on past academic performance and the student’s desire to undertake a career in environmental biology. 

In addition at least four students will be funded in the two year program (UNDERC-East and -West) with funds specifically designated for Native Americans interested in environmental biology, so please share this information with the appropriate diversity office at your institution.   

These programs provide a fruitful step in the students’ career development by allowing them to conduct independent research and giving them an opportunity to work with established scientists in environmental biology in remarkable natural settings.  Participants have been highly successful in pursuing environmental careers after graduation or admission to graduate programs.

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