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SUMMER 2019 INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: The Rusk Health Career Opportunity Program Application is Now Open (Deadline: December 22)


The Health Career Opportunity Program consists of three four-week internships that provide students with a hands-on, observational clinical experience and exposure to the diversity and variety of health professions. The program is primarily designed for students with minimal clinical experience. Originally founded by Dr. Howard Rusk and sponsored by the Lila and Dewitt Wallace Reader’s Digest Fund, the program has graduated approximately 5700 students throughout its 50-year history. The HCOP is unique because it offers students the opportunity to receive an intense experience in one specific health field and also explore other health professions. Many graduate and professional schools realize the importance of internships such as the HCOP.


HCOP Internship Opportunities

Each student spends the majority of the day observing health care professionals and the roles that they play in the department to which he or she is assigned. Students typically start their day between 8:00 and 9:00 am. At 3:00 pm, all the students meet together to attend lectures related to rehabilitation and hospital care. Students also meet for weekly small group conferences to have discussions about medical ethics and problems faced by individuals with various types of handicaps and disabilities. Students may be placed in any one of the buildings that are part of the NYU Medical Center System such as NYU Langone Hospital, Hospital for Joint Disease, Bellevue Hospital, and the Ambulatory Care Center. All group activities will take place at the main campus, NYU Langone Medical Center.

For detailed information and how to apply please visit the Rusk Rehabilitation Website.