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INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Our-Sci is Hiring a Part-Time Intern (Deadline: n/a)




Contact: Anna Bahle


Our-Sci ( is looking for a part-time intern (10-15 hrs/wk) to help with our food lab processing. The company is currently partnering with the Bionutrient Food Association on the Real Food Campaign ( to calibrate a small hand-held device that uses reflectance to give nutritional information of food/soil samples on the spot. The goal of this tool is to build transparency within the food system and make nutritional density of food easily detectable in order to improve the quality of crops, human health and ecosystems.

Internship Description

  • Process food/soil samples as they are received in the lab

  • Run food samples for antioxidants, polyphenols, proteins, and minerals using XRF

  • Run soil samples for total organic carbon, soil respiration and XRF

  • Track lab samples intake to storage, and ensure all the resulting data is entered correctly

  • Identify ways to improve the lab process and allow us to increase our sample intake

  • Coordinate with others in the lab

In addition to time spent on sample intake, students will have the opportunity to develop independent projects which might include:

    • Using XRF data to quantify minerals and heavy metals of vegetable and soil samples

    • Building relationships with local farmers to gather lab samples and discuss what their data interests might be. This could include gathering samples at local farms, farmers markets or grocery stores and discussing/getting feedback for the lab from both consumers and producers.

    • Developing new methods for nutrients or foods that the lab is not currently measuring




Interested students are asked to please email a resume and cover letter to