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The Milky Way’s long-lost sibling finally found

The M32 galaxy was shredded and consumed by our closest neighbour, Andromeda, scientists say

Tags: Astronomy

VLT/SPHERE confirmation image of a newborn exoplanet

SPHERE, a planet-hunting instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope, has captured the first confirmed image of a planet caught in the act of forming in the dusty disc surrounding a young star.

- Alexandra Greenbaum

Tags: Astronomy

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The department hosts a variety of events. Academic Events are aimed at a scholarly audience (generally within the department, but other scholars are always welcome for particular topics of interest). Public Outreach events, such as telescope viewing nights and planetarium shows, are hosted for the general public — from newcomers to longtime astronomy enthusiasts. Selected upcoming events of both types are listed on this page. Additional details about the nature of these events and how to participate can be found throughout this section.